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In search of sapphires

Pattaya, Thailand
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Tour to Chanthaburi

Find your sapphire

About 150 km away from Pattaya there is Chanthaburi Province which is famous for its sapphire deposits and one of the biggest gemstones markets in Asia.

You can see functioning sapphire mines and get gemstone yourselves. The stones you have found, you can take with you (not more than 3 items).

The route of the tour lies through picturesque places. We are going to take a walk in the mangrove forests and swim in Phlio waterfall. We are going to visit a unique Buddhist temple which is situated in a beautiful place - on top of a tall mountain. We will get there by cable railway. Here we are going to perform a special ritual for attracting wealth.


The administrative center of Chanthaburi Province is the city of the same name - Chanthaburi. The architecture of the city was under the influence of the French - here you can come across elements which are not typical for Thailand - such as balconies, columns, forged window bars… There are quite many catholic churches, one of which we are going to visit. The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is one of the most beautiful ones, it was built in 1906 by the French architects. It is situated near the Chanthaburi river. It should be mentioned that 4.4% of the province population are catholic christians, so the cathedral is important. It is constructed in Gothic style and is considered to be one of the most beautiful ones in the country.

On Fridays jewelers and gemstone buyers come here from all over South-East Asia in search of sapphires at good prices. When walking around the city, you will see how many jewelry shops and stalls there are. When you turn into an inconspicuous street, you will see a lot of gemstones scattered on the tables under the open sky.


We are going to have a tasty lunch in a very picturesque place - on the raft in the sea bay among mangrove forests and oyster farming fields. Sea fish dishes and freshly cut oysters and other delicacies will be served for lunch.

Phlio National Park

Another sight of Chanthaburi Province is Phlio National Park where a beautiful waterfall of the same name is situated. How wonderful it is to swim in the cool refreshing water of the waterfall, listening to the birds chirping, surrounded by jungles and virgin nature. In thick tropical forests you can sometimes come across pagodas of ancient temples and even caves. This is the place for complete relaxation and total energy recharge!

Itinerary of the tour

In search of sapphires

06:00 - 06:30  Transfer from hotels in Pattaya.

08:30  A stop in a cafe with arapaima for breakfast (breakfast is not included in the price, you can bring it from your hotel).

09:30  By cable car we are going to the top of the mountain where stands Wat Khao Sukhim - a very famous place in the Buddhist world. We will perform a ritual for attracting wealth.

11:00  Sapphire mines, gemstones mining. Everyone can try their luck. The stones you have found, you can take with you, but not more than 3 items.

12:30  Lunch of national style in the restaurant on the raft in the sea bay.

13:00  A walk in the mangrove forests, feeding predator fish.

14:00  Swimming and relaxation at Phlio waterfall.

16:00  Beautiful Catholic temple in Chanthaburi.

19:00  Stop at the fruit market (optional).

20:00  Going back to hotels in Pattaya.

The price includes: return transfer from a hotel in Pattaya, service of an English-speaking guide, lunch (Thai or European style, you can order vegetarian lunch), admission tickets.

Attention! The order and duration of any points of the itinerary can be changed by the tour organizer unilaterally.

*There is no English-speaking group for this tour. We can join you to a mixed tourist group with a Russian-speaking tour-guide. He will speak about the important moments in English and will answer your questions if you have any.

We recommend to bring with you

A photo camera, a hat, comfortable footwear, swimsuits, clothes to cover your knees and shoulders for visiting temples.

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