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Wat Yan temple and Karen Village

Pattaya, Thailand
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Wat Yan temple and Karen Village

Find wonders wherever you go

Those who think that there is a lack of wonders in the world, should definitely put this tour on their “must see” list! It proves that our planet is full of places that surprise and enchant us.


Wat Yan temple and Karen Village - Tour 1

Wat Yan temple

We are going to visit one of the most interesting Buddhist temples. It lies in the picturesque valley surrounded by mountains. Wat Yan complex consists of several temples which were built in different time periods and in different styles. Pay attention to:

­ Viharn Sien ­ beautiful Chinese temple which houses a rich collection of religious artifacts. Here you will see granite lions, bronze figures of gods and saints, statuettes of Shaolin’s monks as if frozen in fighting positions;

­ the Eighth wonder of the world ­ famous Terrakota warriors buried in the tomb of the first Chinese emperor;

­ Buddha’s footsteps near Wat Yan temple ­ these are his real footprints;

­ Khao Chi Chan mountain where you can see the face of meditating Buddha carved in the rock with gold.

Village of long­neck women

Here you will visit a tribe of Karen people where lives the woman with the longest neck in the world. Her neck is 32 cm long!

Where does this tradition of wearing neck ­rings come from? There is a legend that long time ago the village was often raded by tigers. Girls used to wear metal rings around their necks to protect themselves from tigers’ attacks. Another story tells us that those neck coils guarded them against evil spirits.

Today a Karen girls starts to wear neck rings at the age of four. To the moment when she becomes a grown­up woman, she is already wearing 5 kilos of such “jewelries”. You will be amazed by the bright national costumes of local inhabitants. The clothes reflect the marital status: married women wear red and blue colors while single girls wear white blouses decorated with beads. All Karen women are magnificent weavers. They weave the fabrics for clothing themselves. You will enjoy the variety of handmade souvenirs ­ blankets, bags, towels, napkins, statuettes and many other interesting things. Here you can buy beautiful souvenirs for your relatives and friends.


On your way back you will visit Parinda pharmacy.

The price includes: two-way transfer, guided tour, admission tickets.

*We have no English speaking group. We can join you to a mixed group with Russian guide. He will speak about the important moments in English and will answer your questions if you have any.

Wat Yan temple and Karen Village + English guide - Tour 2

Different from Tour 1: On the way back we will drop into a tea shop to try different types of tea.

The price includes: return transfer, admission tickets, english­-speaking guide.

Wat Yan + Karen Village + Elephant trekking - Tour 3

Different from Tour 1 and 2

Tour 3 includes elephant trekking through Karen Village (with English speaking guide).

The price includes: return transfer, English speaking guide, admission tickets, elephant trekking (15minutes), Buddhist ritual.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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You will get a text message informing you about the exact departure time from 22:00 - 23:00 on the day before the trip.

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