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Border Run from Pattaya to Cambodia

Pattaya, Thailand
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Quick departure for a border run in Pattaya

Choose trip to Cambodia from Pattaya. Just fill out a convenient booking form on the page and get the desired trip.

From 15th of July citizens of 93 countries can get 60-days stamp on arrivial to Thailand, the updated list of these countries here.

Prices for border run to Cambodia from Pattaya

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You can cancel your booking for free, not less than 7 days before the beginning of the event.

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Border Run from Pattaya reviews

Ariel meyer   (06.05.2024 09:22)
Hey Israel passport can make visa run to Cambodia?

Support_Online-Pattaya   (08.05.2024 23:21)
Hello, can not

MARK HILL   (05.05.2024 06:46)
Hello. I booked a Cambodia trip for May 7th Ref. # 373-445985 and after I paid online it never sent me a confirmation. I’m trying to find out if my booking is confirmed and deposited was received.

Support_Online-Pattaya   (08.05.2024 23:23)
Hello, Mark, your order is accepted. Confirmation was sent by email.

Junpen Boonplook   (16.04.2024 10:21)
I want to reserve a car to go to Cambodia on the 21st. and return on April 22nd. Is there a bus trip for me? And I would like to sit in the front row, is that possible?

Support_Online-Pattaya   (17.04.2024 00:27)
Hello, we can offer daily trip to Cambodia for border run, it's 1-day trip only

Eric Craik   (09.04.2024 03:03)
I currently have a retirement visa that expires 22 April. I do not want to renew it, but I need about another 2 or 3 weeks in Thailand to tidy up my affairs before leaving. Can I use your service to get a 30 day stamp?

Support_Online-Pattaya   (17.04.2024 00:29)
Hello, Eric, we are not sure now, please fill the form on this page and attach the photo of your passport with all Thai stamps and visas,  will check with our partner.

Ana Redondo   (11.03.2024 10:51)
Hello, I need to make a border run, I am in Lam Klat, actually is on the way to the border. But I saw your prices per person on a bus from Pattaya and I am speechless!! I went 1 time this year to the border and I paid dfor the visa 1800THB + 700THB because I was returning back to Thailand after the process of the visa!
Can not be...I was scammed. But I heard everyone pays 1800THB as when I went there was a big queue with more Europeans as well. Even some French that thought they would not pay for the visa....when they heard the price of it they were pissed off... CAN SOMEONE inform me the REAL PRICE OF A VISA TO CANBODIQ because I read in manh websites that the visa costs 30 US $. So it's definitely not the 1800THB that I paid...your urgent answer will be very much appreciated.

Support_Online-Pattaya   (13.03.2024 02:21)
Hello, yes, the cost of the Cambodia visa 30 USD, it is included in the cost of border run trip from Pattaya

Raymon Price   (07.03.2024 13:15)
Pls tell me how many visa extensions and border runs are possible per year, after entering Thailand on a tourist VOA for Australian and Philippino. I know the first immigration extension is easy but what about the 2nd? I require to do my 2nd extension on May 11th 2024.
What do you advise?
Thank you

Support_Online-Pattaya   (13.03.2024 02:23)
Normally for Australians it is possible to make 2 border runs per calendar year, for Philippino - no limit

Daniel   (29.02.2024 21:39)
Hello. I am from the UK and came to Thailand on 30 day tourist visa on November 2023 and extended for 30 days and left the country on the 30th of December. I then flew back from Vietnam on the 3rd of January 2024 for 30 days and then extended again so my date to leave is the 2nd of March. Do you think I can do a land border run on the 2nd and I will get another 30 days stamp? Thank you

Support_Online-Pattaya   (13.03.2024 02:23)
Hello, yes, you can

Aaron Johnson   (07.02.2024 20:23)
5 hours I spend today trying to pay you for my border run.
5 hours!
Now it is night time and I am No closer than I was yesterday.
I will be giving negative reviews everywhere online about this

Support_Online-Pattaya   (08.02.2024 01:26)
Dear Aaron, we can book trip only after prepayment, we have sent all payment options to your email

UTHAIWAN   (27.01.2024 08:41)
I would like to do visa run with you guys and I already live in Chanthaburi near Ban Leam border Can I wait at border to go with your service as I will pay on whatever cost on 2 Feb 2024??

Support_Online-Pattaya   (29.01.2024 15:47)
Our customers from Pattaya cross the border at Ban Pakkad Border Checkpoint. The price is 2700 THB if you need only a new stamp (including Cambodian visa).

Annamaria Gyorfi   (23.01.2024 10:15)
Dear Administrator!

I am a Hungarian citizen and I came to Thailand on 11 December 2023. My stay
January 09, 2024. Pattaya Immigration office 2024 February 08 renewed.
I want to extend my visa for 30 days.
I would like to ask for your help, solutions.

Thank you in advance.

Support_Online-Pattaya   (23.01.2024 17:33)
Hello, okey, please fill the form at the end of this page and attach photo of your passport (all Thai stamp during this year)

Muntean Mihael   (21.01.2024 12:02)
Hello, we are from Romania and we have visa for 15 days and we want to stay for 2 months in Thailand.Is it posibile with border run Cambodgia and the extend 1 month in Thailand?

Support_Online-Pattaya   (23.01.2024 17:55)
Hello, we can offer only trip to Laos to get tourist visa for 3 month for you

Manolis   (17.01.2024 11:10)
i came in Thailand November 2022 with tourist visa. i did immigration and Borden run for 5 months (3 times immigration 2 times Borden run) and then I maked Muay Thai visa for 12 months but it changed from 12 months to 9 months. so now I can do Borden run again or i need to go to immigration?

Support_Online-Pattaya   (23.01.2024 17:35)
Hello, we have to check with our partner about your case, so please fill the form at this page and attach your passport.

Ferdi   (07.01.2024 22:56)
Türk vatandaşı olarak pattaya dayım sınırda giriş çıkış yapmak istiyorum

Support_Online-Pattaya   (09.01.2024 15:39)
Hello, write please in English

Iuliana Stanescu   (06.01.2024 22:23)
Hello. I rented an studio în Pattaya. The Visa I got is an VOA visa for just 15 days. I need an extension from 20 January to 12 February. I have Romanian passport. Can you help ? Tks

Support_Online-Pattaya   (09.01.2024 15:54)
You can get new stamp crossing border only by flight

Kim   (28.12.2023 02:21)
How many days of visa exemption can I get as a Norwegian national via a border run? And does the 2999 baht still include the price for Cambodian visa?

Support_Online-Pattaya   (28.12.2023 23:17)
Hello, you can get 30-days stamp, yes, the price of border run service includes Cambodian visa.

Nev Kettle   (17.11.2023 13:10)
You are quoting 4000 for travel and assistance. What are the costs on the Kmer side, visa etc??

Support_Online-Pattaya   (21.11.2023 13:09)
Hello, the price includes Cambodian visa

Jon   (14.09.2023 13:03)
Hi I am currently in kho Chang and must do a border run to renew my visa. I would like to go from kho Chang to border then return to pattya. I would like to go on the 18 or 19 September, can you please advise if you can do this and how much?

Support_Online-Pattaya   (14.09.2023 14:58)
Hello, unfortunately we do not have border run trip from Koh Chang to Cambodia

Isac Szarf Szwarc   (07.06.2023 10:51)
Can you have a look at my passport and visa and tell me if it is possible and successful to do a a border run.

Support_Online-Pattaya   (07.06.2023 23:43)
Yes, it is possible, please fill the form at this page and attach your photo of the current visa

Isac Szarf Szwarc   (06.06.2023 14:19)
Good afternoon, do you have an email that I can send a photo of my passport and visa so you can tell me if a can go on a border run? Thank you.

H.Hartmann   (11.01.2023 17:36)
I have a tourist visa 3x60 days already extended once now to Cambodia for back and forth. With this visa I was in Laos for 3 days.

Support_Online-Pattaya   (07.06.2023 23:44)
We are not sure that you can get again tourist visa, should to double check, please fill the form at this page and attach your passport

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