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In Pattaya, you can learn a lot about plants and animals. Numerous gardens, nature reserves, farms and zoos in Pattaya will be interesting for both children and adults. Contact with animals always brings positive emotions, especially if these are exotic species which you will not find in your country.

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Price List for Tours, Trips and Excursions in Pattaya.

This is a national nature reserve with the second largest zoo in the world.

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You will see rare Bengal tigers, Scorpion Queen, a sow with little tigers, pig races and many other interesting things.

You have got a chance to see a very clever dolphins, enjoy incredible dolphin show and swim with dolphins.

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Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is a beautiful park with orchid and cactus greenhouses and galleries and mini zoo.

Enjoy various activities and entertainments at Underwater World in Pattaya - 100 m long transparent tunnel, Shark and Ray Zone, Touch Pool, coral reefs.

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Unique art installations will allow you to make spectacular selfies for memory.
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A mysterious temple of the four elements. While building the temple not a single nail has been used. Anything can be possible here - good and evil. It’s up for you to decide!

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You will visit a farm with more than 40 thousand crocodiles, take a walk in a beautiful Japanese Million Years Stone Park with petrified woods and many other exotic things.

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You will see alpakas, capybaras, ostriches, giraffes, peacocks, ponies and many other animals.
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Almost everyone since their childhood has had a dream to ride an elephant one day. Now it’s possible!

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Visitors to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary will be able to feed, bathe, and play with the elephants.
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The miniatures are created in 1:25 scale. The park is divided into two theme zones: Mini Europe and Mini Siam.

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Pattaya Snake Farm presents an amazing snake show and offers you an opportunity to buy natural treatments produced from snake’s organs.

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Would you like to go on a ride through savanna among wild animals?

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Our tigers will live in happy and comfortable.

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Bohemian life. Open a door to a kingdom of unbelievable wealth!

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Enjoy Pony show, pets’ corner, animal feeding, take beautiful photos. You can also try horse riding.

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Admission fee and tour package to the Butterfly Corner Pattaya. It is the beautiful place to spend a pleasant time with the whole family.
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Hurry up! Lovely curly sheep are waiting to meet you!

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Pattaya Zoos and Gardens

Tourists with kids can visit Mountain Coffee at Zoo - the new contact zoo near Pattaya. Here visitors can feed alpacas, pigs, kangaroos, giraffes, horses, lambs and other animals. In the Pipo Pony Club, you can feed and ride cute ponies. On a sheep farm cute lambs, donkeys, and piglets walk around the yard and will gladly accept your treats.

Even without kids tourists should also visit the Pattaya zoo and gardens. Unique Nong Nooch Tropical Park is the most beautiful garden in the world! Here you will be amazed by a colorful landscape - the most beautiful plants from different countries are collected in the vast territory of the garden. Fans of Exotic will like the Snake Farm tour and an exciting show with snakes. There is a large selection of preparations and cosmetics on the basis of snake poison and organs.

In Tiger Park, you can even enter the cage to friendly predators and feed small tigers from a bottle.

An elephant is a symbol of the Kingdom and you definitely must visit these cute animals during your vacation. In the Elephant Sanctuary, you can cook treats for its inhabitants, go for a walk in the jungle and swim in a pond together. A charge of positive emotions is guaranteed!

Do not forget about the inhabitants of the underwater world. The Monster Aquarium contains the most unusual and terrifying marine inhabitants: two-headed turtles, monstrous fish, an albino crocodile and many others. In the Underwater World Aquarium, between you and dangerous predators (sharks and rays) will be only a glass wall. Cute dolphins and seals will surprise you with their talents in the new Dolphinarium.

Zoo in Pattaya is an amazing world where animals and people live in harmony and love. Here you can easily book tours to the zoos of Pattaya and Bangkok on the most favorable terms! Adventures are waiting!

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