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Transfer from Pattaya to Koh Samet (by minibus and speedboat or ferry)

Pattaya, Thailand
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How to get from Pattaya to Koh Samet

And why is it worth visiting this island?

Transfer to Koh Samet from Pattaya. First, you get on a minibus (or bus) in Pattaya. Then a speedboat (or ferry) will take you straight to the island Pier. To travel around the island you can ride a motorbike - this is the only means of transport available for rent there. Or you can go on foot or by taxi.

Shared or private transfer to Koh Samet from Pattaya

Itinerary and prices

Transfer Pattaya – Koh Samet

Transfer Koh Samet from Pattaya

Koh Samet is a small island situated in the Gulf of Siam, 6,5 km from the mainland. The island belongs to Rayong Province. There is Nadan village which occupies an area of only 13 sq. km.

Almost all the beaches on the island have got exotic resorts that offer you cosy lovely bungalows for rent. This is the place for those who want to enjoy the beauty of exotic Thai sceneries and have a relaxing and peaceful holiday on an isolated island, far away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. There is no nightlife and you won’t find as many entertainments as in Pattaya, but you will absolutely admire nature as flora and fauna of this island are well-preserved and taken care of thoroughly. Koh Samet is National Park of Thailand, that is why you have to pay an extra 200 THB for visiting it.

Cancellation policy

1. It is possible to cancel your reservation free of charge at least 24 hours before the start of the trip.

2. Please note that boat ticket from Koh Samet are non-refundable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is the trip to Samet?

Travel time is 2–2.5 hours.

2.When do I need to book a transfer to Samet?

We recommend to book a transfer not later than one day before, in high season the number of available seats is limited.

3. Is it possible to do a non-cash payment?

Possible, please, check details with the operator.

4. How will I know the exact departure time?

The operator will inform you of the exact departure time after confirmation of your order from the transfer's company supplier.

Mark Davies   (16.10.2023 16:51)
Hello, if book slow boat , pick up from Hotel in Pattaya what time arrive at Koh samet pier?

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (17.10.2023 14:11)
Hello, you will arrive to Koh Samet around 12:00-13:00

Philippe Guillaume   (22.09.2023 17:05)
Hi i choose one way Pattaya/Koh Samet but the date is impossible ???

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (22.09.2023 18:20)
Hello, for which date would you like to book? At this page you can book on 23.09 and any next date. If you have got any problem with the booking form send please your request and screenshot with error to our support service in any messenger

Ad Maartens   (15.03.2023 20:19)
Dear sir or madam. I have had your email for conformation nbr 737494363 to pay a deposit. I like to pay with my creditcard , but there is no link fot that. Do i have to go to a bank or can you send me a link to pay with my creditcard. ? Regards mr Maartens.

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (16.03.2023 17:08)
Hello, we have got your prepayment

Gaby   (11.10.2020 17:14)
Hi! I would like to hop on a shared mini van to go to Koh Samet on Monday 19th October, is there a van I could join? ITs only 1 person, I live in Nakluea (Wong Amat). Thank you!

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (11.10.2020 20:17)
Hello, dear Gaby, you can book sharing transfer to Koh Samet at this page, just fill the form or please contact us any another way -  TelegramViberSkypeFacebook MessengerTwitter or by phone 666 000 35838.
Please note that there is a bus to Ban Phe Pier (Koh Samet) from Pattaya on every Tuesday and Friday.

Gérard Durand   (06.08.2020 10:01)
Do you find it normal that I cannot enter the date for the reservation

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (08.08.2020 12:35)
Hello, Gerard,  at first you have to select an option of the service, and then you can choose the date.

Alex   (02.10.2019 18:18)
Will I get some sort of E-ticket or written confirmation that you have my booking after I've paid the invoice and that you know where to go? Also, what time you will be coming to pick me up?

Matthew_Online-Pattaya   (02.10.2019 18:57)
Dear Alex, we have sent you all the details to your email.

Alex   (29.03.2019 14:15)
Could you please indicate a time of departure from Pattaya to Samet? What are the options?

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (29.03.2019 14:39)
Dear Alex, it depends on the kind of the transfer. We can book different type of transfers, for example minibus + speedboat - pick up time between 07:00 and 08:00 am.

valerio simoneschi   (05.12.2018 18:53)
I sent a reservation but I have not received confirmation

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (05.12.2018 19:10)
Dear Valerio, we received your booking, we will answer you as soon as possible.

Neil gardner   (26.11.2017 00:05)
Can you please send my invoice in English as I don't speak Thai and cannot pay my deposit
Thank You Neil

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (26.11.2017 00:42)
Dear Neil, we usually send the invoice in English, if you have recieved in another language, write please to us by email.

Nata_Online-Pattaya   (26.11.2017 06:30)
Dear Neil Gardner, we've sent you a new payment link

Harald Thamm   (27.03.2017 23:12)
How can i pay the 240 Bath?

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (29.03.2017 22:28)
Dear Harald, you can pay online by any cards or pay pal, using the special link which you will receive after reservation at our web site.

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