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Pattaya Snake Farm

Pattaya, Thailand
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Dangerous battle

Man vs wild

Pattaya Snake Farm presents an amazing snake show and offers you an opportunity to buy natural treatments produced from snake’s organs.


Snake Show

At the Snake Farm you have got a splendid opportunity to see an impressive snake show. Come and see amazing stunts performed by Thai trainers! Only at Snake Farm you will see king cobras, pythons and other dangerous snakes. You will learn how cobra’s venom is collected. For an extra fee you can try exquisite dishes made from cobra’s meat.

The price includes: two-way transfer, admission fee, snake show.

Natural & Snake Product

A snake is a symbol of medicine and snake’s venom is the main component of treatments used in western medicine. As snake’s venom has healing powers, people has used it for certain purposes since ancient times. This is a natural medicine and the only thing a man should do is to find a proper dosage. You can purchase traditional medicines which contain extracts and components from snake’s organs.

Sur Tan Van - medicine made from snake’s gall-bladder

Sur Tan Wan, biodyne and antioxidant, is made from cobra’s gall. This medicine is effective treatment for stomach ulcer, gastrointestinal diseases, cirrhosis, endocrine system troubles. It is also an effective biodyne.

Sur Ying Wan - medicine made from visceral fat of king cobra

King cobra’s fat easily penetrates in tissues, and is easily taken in by mucous membranes of stomach, intestine and skin. The biodyne is an effective treatment for respiratory diseases, asthma, bronchitis, chronicle and seasonal ARI, tuberculosis, tonsillitis. It also cleans lungs from nicotines, resin and other toxins.

Tang Nio Bing - with extract from snake’s bones

Tang Nio Bing is used as an effective treatment for diabetes and as preventive treatment for diabetic heart attacks and thrombosis.

Sur Pain Wan - potency stimulant

This is an effective treatment and preventive treatment for male’s urogenital diseases, rheumatism and rheumatic heart disease. This medicine strengthens the immune system, restores man’s sexual function, boosts potency, enchants pleasure, stimulates circulatory system. It’s also an active hepatoprotector and antioxidant.

Tieng Jiw Wan - for women’s health

This is an effective treatment and preventive treatment for climacteric syndrome, menstrual irregularities, menstrual pain, insomnia, general tiredness, irritation and excessive sweating, female genital inflammation and chronicle mastopathy.

Hao De Xin - for cardio-vascular system

Hao De Xin is used as an effective treatment and preventive treatment for cerebrovascular diseases and their consequences, cerebral atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases and stenocardia. This medicine improves cardiac muscle tone, stabilizes blood pressure, brings down intracranial and intraocular pressure.

Jun Xiao Tan - treatment for hemorrhoids

This medicine contains cobra’s blood extract which strengthens blood vessels. 4-day treatment stops bleeding, reduces oedema and pain.

Ju Jung Tan - treatment for insomnia and stress

It strengthens nervous system, helps to reduce tension, naturally improves sleep. Non-addictive drug.

Face moisturising cream

This is a unique formula with snake oil which makes the skin smooth and velvety. The cream reduces wrinkles, eliminates spots of different origins.

Face lifting cream

Face lifting cream contains extract from eggs of the reticulated python. The cream renovates epidermis, makes complexion bright and shiny. Face skin becomes elastic.

Snake hair tonic

Snake hair tonic contains extract from snake skin which nourishes hair follicles, stimulates head skin cells renovation, strengthens your hair and increases its mechanical resistance.

Snake massage oil

The basic component of the massage oil is snake’s fat. It can be used for reducing muscular and joint pain, tension and inflammation.

We recommend to take with you

A camera, good humor and some money for extra entertainments.

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