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Pattaya to Bangkok taxi

Pattaya, Thailand
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Taxi Pattaya Bangkok

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If you are in Pattaya and are planning a flight from Bangkok, the ideal solution would be to book a taxi from Pattaya to Bangkok, the price is only 1099 THB per car for three passengers. Book a taxi at any time from 04:00 am to 00:00 pm. The large car park guarantees that we will find a free car. The trip from Pattaya to the airport takes from 90 to 120 minutes. The driver will take you along the toll road. Toll road tax is included in the price.

How to book a taxi Pattaya-Bangkok?

  • Call hot line +666 0002 4036 if you are in Thailand or +7 499 677 6077 from other countries.

  • Or fill out the booking form on this page.

  • Within 15 minutes you will receive a taxi reservation confirmation.

  • When a driver arrives at your hotel or apartment at the indicated time, he will call you.

  • Attention! We advise you to book a taxi to the airport not later than in one hour.

    Taxi fare from Pattaya to Bangkok

    and other directions

  • Taxi fare in THB per car.

  • You can be sure that there will be no other passengers in the car.

  • Taxi Pattaya 3 pax 4 pax 9 pax
    Suvarnabhumi → Pattaya 129913992099
    Pattaya → Suvarnabhumi 119913991999
    Don Muang → Pattaya 159918992199
    Pattaya → Don Mueang 154917992099
    U-Tapao → Pattaya 89910991599
    Pattaya → U-Tapao 89910991599
    Pattaya → Hua Hin 350039504800
    Pattaya → Bangkok 149914991699
    Pattaya → Phuket 105001450016500
    Pattaya → Pier Koh Samet 120014001800
    Pattaya → Pier Koh Chang 350039504500

    Additional fees

  • For a child seat, the additional payment is 300 THB.

  • For transportation of pets - 200 THB.

  • If your hotel is located far from the center:

    - Ambassador: 200 THB;

    - Baan Dusit: 300 THB;

    - Bang Sare: 400 THB.

    Travel time

    It takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes - 2 hours to get to Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok).

    To Din Mueang Airport (Bangkok) - 2 hours 30 minutes. - 3 hours.

    To U-Tapao (Rayong) Airport - 45 min. - 1 hour.

    Cars are available 24/7

    Taxi from Pattaya to Bangkok Airport at any time.

    You can get every day, at any time, quickly and cheaply from Pattaya to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, Don Mueang or U-Tapao by taxi. Cars are available 24/7, however, urgent orders are accepted from 04:00 to 24:00 local time (UTC + 07: 00). You can also book a taxi from Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang and U-Tapao to Pattaya Airport.

    The cars arrive always on time

    You have nothing to worry about. After booking a taxi in advance at our website or calling the hotline, we guarantee delivery to your hotel, home, condominium in Pattaya on time.

    Our Thai staff is very responsible and always arrives several minutes before. When the driver arrives in advance, he will definitely call you.

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