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Sak Yant Magic Tattoo in Pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand
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Sak Yant Magic Tattoo

Asian people believe that a magic tattoo can change your life. After an ancient ritual performed by a Sak Yant master you will gain a powerful protection. Adjahn Dam is one the best masters in tattoo art who went trough the challenges in the Buddhist temple. After applying, the tattoo is blessed by a Buddhist monk.

1. Ha Thaew Five Sacred Lines

This is the most popular women’s yant, applied on a left shoulder. For example, Angelina Jolie has got such tattoo. Each line has a meaning: good luck, men’s attention, fame, success, well-paid job.

Price: 900 THB.

2. Kai Yant

Gives you protection, brings success and profit at work. It is a good choice for those who work for government and state organizations.

Price: 1200 THB

Sak Yant Magic Tattoo

In the first photo (the girl on the left) you can see Ha Thaew Five Sacred Lines (No1) on the left shoulder blade, on the right shoulder blade ­ Kai Yant (No2) and on the back (in the centre) ­ Sarika (No3). In the second photo (in the centre) you can see Men’s Yant tattooed on the leg. In the third photo (on the left) you can see a Yant which attracts money.

3. Sarika

This magic bird is tattooed for better communications and contacts. You will be able to come in touch with people and get along with them easily. It also brings good luck in love affairs.

Price: 2200 THB.

4. Men’s Yant

The tattoo brings good luck in love and gives much energy at work.

Price:1500 THB.

5) Yant for attracting money

Brings money to the family and helps save it. The tattoo is made on a palm.

Price: 600 THB.

6. Universal Love

Gives happiness of motherhood, harmony and peacefulness.

Price: 2200 THB.

7.Buddhist Flower

The flower is a symbol of purity and lucid mind. Opens up women’s origin.

Price: 1990 THB.

8. Tiger

Gives strength and stamina.

Price: 3490 THB.

9.Nine Towers

The Nine Towers symbolize non-­material goods and give protection to the whole family.

Price: 1900 THB.

Sak Yant Magic Tattoo

In the photographs you can see (from left to the right): No6, ­No10 (the last photo shows two yants ­ Nine Towers (No9) at the top of the back, below ­- Hanuman (No10).

10. Hanuman

Hanuman is an ancient flying god, helps to get promotions at work and gives protection and support in stressful situations.

Price: 3500 THB.

11. Two tigers

The two tigers give power and influence over people, courage and stamina.

Price: 4500 THB.

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