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Thai Thani Aroma Shop in Pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand
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Thai cosmetics and scents of Asia in one place

Must-have Thai products!

An original fragrant Thailand will be opened up to the guests of the authentic Aroma shop. Its founder and owner Khun Thai guarantees the quality and the natural contents of the products. His brand Thai-Thani Aroma & Herbs became well-known among the locals long time ago. All the recipes are created and developed by him in a home laboratory, followed by careful testing and state certification.

The aroma shop presents a rich assortment of craft products. Here you can get exclusive perfumes, aroma and essential oils and varied basic oils (from coconut to pachuli), skin care cosmetics, medicinal herb collections, tea, coffee and spices of the Thai-Thani brand. Even the most exigent visitors will be surprised by the great selection. Professional consultants will help make the right choice and buy that perfect unique perfume.


Craft Perfume

Thai-Thani is working and developing in the Indy-Aroma segment. This branch takes its name from the word “independent” as it is not limited by the IFRA aroma association, modern tendencies and needs of mass production. These perfumes and oils never contain synthetic ingredients, that is why there is one more name for this trend - natural perfumery. Thai-Thani craft perfumes are created in limited number, they differ with their unique and long-lasting smells.


All Thai-Thani products have state quality certificates. Healing herbs, coffee, tea and spices are grown at the eco clean plantations of the northern Thailand. Khun Thai prefers using natural components of plant origin which grow without usage of pesticides, synthetic mineral fertilizers and growth regulators. The products do not contain artificial food additives and GMO.

Transfer to Aroma Shop

Free two-way transfer is provided on the condition of making a purchase minimum from 1000 THB.

Working hours

The shop is open from 09:00 to 17:00, transfer can be booked from 09:00 to 16:30.

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