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Transfer from Pattaya to Koh Chang (by minibus and ferry)

Pattaya, Thailand
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How to get to Koh Chang from Pattaya?

and some information about the island

We offer a convenient and inexpensive way to get to Koh Chang from Pattaya – a group transfer Pattaya to Koh Chang by a minibus (or bus in high season) and ferry.

You can also book a private transfer from Pattaya to Koh Chang – a taxi to the pier or to the hotel on Koh Chang.

Koh Chang is one of the largest islands of Thailand. In the Thai language, its name means “an elephant”. The island belongs to Mu Koh Chang National Park. The distance from Pattaya is 250 km.

It is impossible not to fall in love with the landscapes of Koh Chang. Mountains, wild jungles, sandy beaches with coconut trees, waterfalls – this is what makes you come back to the island again and again. Most hotels are located along the west coast, while the eastern part of the island is poorly developed, and in the south, you can find a fishing village Bang Bao.

Shared and private transfer from Pattaya to Koh Chang

Itinerary and prices

How will it all happen?

Shared transfer price includes transfer to the pier by comfortable bus and a ferry ticket to Koh Chang (to hotel or to the pier on Koh Chang) from your hotel in Pattaya. Also can book a return trip.

You can book a two-way transfer with open return date, but have to inform us before 24 hours of the departure date from Koh Chang.

If you book a private transfer to Koh Chang you have to pay extra for the ferry tickets. Ferry tickets are not included in the price of a taxi.


Depending on the number of passengers, the carrier can provide a minibus, a medium-sized bus or a large bus.

Travel time

The estimated time of arrival for each program is provided. The travel time can range from 7 to 9 hours one way, depending on the traffic situation, the speed of picking up guests from hotels in Pattaya/on Koh Chang, the ferry's capacity, and the frequency of ferry departures.


Book your transfer at least 3-5 days in advance, to be sure of availability. During the high season, the bus fills up quickly.

Not recommended


To book your return transfer from the island on the same day as your departure date. Bus departure time and mode of transport may be changed unilaterally by the transportation company. As the bus may not arrive in Pattaya at the scheduled time, we advise against making plans to travel elsewhere on that day.

Description of transfer from Pattaya to Koh Chang

to / from the island

Transfer to Koh Chang from Pattaya

Cancellation policy

It is possible to cancel your reservation free of charge at least 24 hours before the start of the trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is the trip to Koh Chang from Pattaya?

Travel time is 5 - 6,5 hours to the pier.

2.When do I need to book a transfer to Koh Chang?

We recommend to book a transfer not later than one day before, in high season the number of available seats is limited.

3. Is it possible to do a non-cash payment?

Possible, please, check details with the operator.

4. Can I pay for transfer in dollars?

You can pay by credit card online.

5. How will I know the exact departure time?

Operator will inform you the exact departure time after confirmation of your order from the organizer.

Damian   (20.03.2023 15:18)
from which areas can the bus take me?

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (20.03.2023 19:38)
Hello, from Pattaya city

Alberto   (25.05.2022 06:14)
Would be possible to have a transfer in bus+ferry on Thursday? I’m interested about tomorrow May 26th.


Olga_Online-Pattaya   (25.05.2022 19:56)
Hello, the join bus is available on Mon, Wed, Fri. On Thu we can offer only private taxi + ferry ticket, the price starts from 3300 THB per car + 100 THB for ferry ticket

Mark Davies   (09.05.2022 15:57)
Will you be operating a Saturday service to Koh chang from Pattaya in November?

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (10.05.2022 12:34)
Hello, yes, we will operate every day in November.

Alex   (07.02.2022 20:50)
Hello, we are in Pattaya and we want to go to Koh Chang on Wednesday 9th February, is it possible to book? Thank you

Anastasiya_Online-Pattaya   (07.02.2022 20:56)
Hello, Alex, yes, you can make a booking at our website.

Fabio   (21.11.2021 23:03)
Hello, wanna go from pattaya to koh chang tomorrow, 22.novemer in the morning. Still possible to book? Fabio

powerslide   (31.03.2021 16:01)
Is there any Koh Chang's (mini bus and ferry) service?

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (31.03.2021 16:17)
Good day, yes, we can offer bus with ferry from Pattaya to Koh Chang, and also this service is available from Chang to Pattaya. For the booking please fill the form at this page or contact us another way

Ana   (06.01.2021 16:15)
Hello, are you still going to Pattaya in shared van?

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (06.01.2021 16:21)
Hello, Ana, thank you

Peter N   (14.01.2020 12:47)
Hi. If I book a 4days trip pattaya-ko chang. When we back in Pattaya (day 4)?

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (14.01.2020 22:51)
Peter, if you book a group transfer, the arrival time to Pattaya is around 07:00 p.m.

Peter Christensen   (09.01.2020 13:31)
Hi Online-Pattaya
Is it possible to order a trip the other way, Koh Chang - Jomtien/Pattaya ?
We are going to Jomtien 2 march from Koh Chang.
Looking forward to hear from you :O)
Pia Larsen
Peter Christensen

Vera_Online-Pattaya   (09.01.2020 14:16)
Hello! Yes, sure. Price is 690 thb. The price includes: one-way transfer by minibus, ferry ticket from Koh Chang and drop off service at hotels in Pattaya.

Biagio   (10.10.2019 00:31)
Hi, we are 4 adults and a 3 years old child that would like to book a transfer to koh chang. How many sit should i have to book? Thanks

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (10.10.2019 13:50)
Hello, dear Biagio, you have to book 5 seats for your company.

Dennis de Ruiter   (28.08.2019 19:49)
Used twice for last minute transfer to Koh Chang, very fast response, good and safe drivers. Was a bit worried about having to use a Russian website for payment but everything OK and PayPal accepted too.

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (29.08.2019 10:37)
Hello, dear Dennis, thank you for your feedback.

Simon Arnold   (01.04.2019 07:45)
I booked an out from pattaya 25 March to koh Chang and back to pattaya 30 March 2019.
I did everything through the links and Web site. Payment etc all worked perfectly.. There was a problem for them finding the pick up address and the 24 hr operators was brilliant at helping me resolve this.. You can call them up when ever you want..
Excellent service. I booked 1 week in advance..
Mini van and boat service is good.. 6 hr trip for 500 baht. Excellent value thank you online pattaya regards

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (03.04.2019 15:26)
Dear Simon, we are very glad, thank you for your feedback.

Makoto Kawanabe   (20.08.2018 09:48)
Hi, I'm trying to make a booking, and clicked "Book Transfer Now", but it doesn't go to booking form. Nothing happen. Do you have any technical problem now?

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (20.08.2018 10:35)
Dear Makoto, the form at our website is working correct. May be you have some probem with internet. We wrote to you by email, please check email.

Marco   (15.06.2018 17:01)
This srvice was great, only the pickup at hotel in Pattaya was in slightly late but all the rest was ok. Thanks.

Anastasiya_Online-Pattaya   (15.06.2018 17:14)
Dear Marco, thank you for your feedback, it's a group transfer, so, unfortunately, sometimes driver can be late.

Bo Hansson   (25.03.2018 17:37)
These company can not send accountnumber and SWIFTNUMBER for the bank for use VISA, only Paypal. I don't have Paypal soo I have too use another company.

Anastasiya_Online-Pattaya   (25.03.2018 18:10)
Hello, Bo Hansson, we can accept payments through the payment system Assist or Pay Pal, where you can pay from your Visa or Mastercard in any convenient way.

Rene   (13.02.2018 00:13)
5 days before departure a was asking for a transfer in a minibus from Koh Chang to Pattaya and i got the ok for 9 am. One day before departure they told me no seat at 9 am, just at 2 pm! So i had to book a private car, because i cloud not find a free seat with a other company for the next day anymore .... bad service, never again!

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (13.02.2018 02:05)
Dear Rene,  we're sorry,  yes,  you made pre-order, but we were waiting for the  necessary information as room number and your phone number to complete your booking. When you informed us about that,  we can book departure only at 14:00 from Chang,  so you cancelled your order.

Jack   (03.01.2018 16:24)
Do not, *DO NOT* use this company. They are absolutely terrible. I call up at 10am to book for the next day, first they sent the wrong invoice which had to be cancelled and sent again. Then I make the pre-payment before 11am, wait for a confirmation and absolutely no word whatsoever. By 3pm I called three times to get a pick-up confirmation, and spoke to three different operators who promised to call back, of course they don't. Then they tell me there is no space, after taking the deposit, and of course it's too late to call up another company. Now I have to pay for another night's hotel here, as well as the cancellation fee at Koh Chang, and didn't even receive an apology. Absolutely terrible. These guys do not care whether they mess up your plans or not. AVOID THESE PEOPLE.

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (04.01.2018 02:44)
Dear Jack, we are very sorry, but now in high season we  recommend  to book no less than before 3 days of your trip. In another case unfortunately we can not  gurantee available seats.

Erika   (27.11.2017 15:37)
We did the booking for transfer and pay pal, but did not recieve anny answer. Did it work, on wat time is our pick up?

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (27.11.2017 15:50)
Dear Erika, please check your email again, may be in spam, we have already  sent  confirmation, the pick up time is 06:00 am.

john   (22.11.2017 19:47)
how much does it cost from pattaya to koh chang ?? 3 adults return .Thanks

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (22.11.2017 21:19)
Dear John, we can offer to you the transfer to the pier at Koh Chang and to hotel.
to the pier - 1100 baht per person for round trip,
to the hotel - 1380 baht per person for round trip

Suketu Shah   (21.10.2017 15:22)
We want to go tomorrow to koh chang, 22nd Oct from hotel mera mara on beach road. What time is the transfer and what will it cost once way.

Olga_Online-Pattaya   (21.10.2017 15:34)
Dear Suketu, the price is 550 baht to the pier and 690 baht to the hotel at Koh Chang. If you nedd to book please fill the form at our website or contact us any way

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