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Premium class tours in Pattaya - for discerning customers. Individual tours are always focused on first-class service. Order online on Online-Pattaya.com or by calling our hotline.

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Price-list for tours, trips, activities and excursions in Pattaya
Working hours 10:00-17:00
Transfer from Pattaya is available
Our tigers will live in happy and comfortable
4.4 (9 reviews)
Start at 09:00
Transfer from Pattaya
Jet Ski, Banana Boat, Parasailing, Sea Walker, Snorkeling by Glass Bottom Boat
4.5 (71 review)
Working hours 08:30-18:30
Free transfer from Pattaya
The Asian center of jewelry universe
Private boat trips on yachts, catamarans and boats
Working hours 08:00-18:00
Transfer from Pattaya is available
Visit the most beautiful park in the world!
Start at 07:00, 10:00
Transfer from Pattaya
An unforgettable parachute jump
4.5 (6 reviews)
Working hours 10:00-18:00
Transfer from Pattaya is available
Theme water park in Pattaya
Start at 06:00, 16:30
Transfer from Pattaya available
When dreams come true
4.8 (8 reviews)
Start at 08:00-14:00
Transfer from Pattaya
The second largest zoo in the world
4.9 (0 reviews)
Start at 07:00
Transfer from Pattaya
Daily tours to Koh Samet
Start at 09:30
Shared & private yacht trips
Transfer from Pattaya
One­-day tour to two islands near Pattaya on luxurious Serenity Yacht
Start at 08:00
Transfer from Pattaya
Fishing in the sea near Pattaya
Start at 07:00-16:00
Meeting point in Bangkok or Pattaya
4.9 (0 reviews)
Start at 06:00
Transfer from Pattaya
Enjoy all the pleasures of tropical nature: sandy beaches, coral reefs, wild jungles, mountain rivers and waterfalls
4.4 (2 reviews)
Start at 17:30, 19:00
Transfer from Pattaya is available
Transvestite show
4.9 (2 reviews)
Start at 08:00-14:30
Transfer from Pattaya
ATV tours for beginners and experienced drivers
Start at 10:30, 14:30
Transfer from Pattaya
Only real off-road ATV Adventure Tour
4.8 (0 reviews)
Start at 08:00-15:00
Transfer from Pattaya
The beautiful clean beach, 20 km away from Pattaya
4.5 (2 reviews)
Start at 09:00-14:00
Transfer from Pattaya
A mysterious temple of the four elements

4.6 (0 reviews)
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