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Get a Taxi from Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi Airport

Pattaya, Thailand
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Taxi from Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi Airport

Get a taxi from Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi Airport at any time of the day and night. Low prices, fast and convenient service. Taxi service 24 hours/7 days a week.

You can get to the two Bangkok Airports - Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang - anytime seven days a week. Our service is fast and convenient, and we offer you reasonable prices. We are ready to give you a ride 24/7. However, we сan confirm urgent orders from 04:00 a.m. till 00:00 local time (UTC+07:00).

It is also possible to book a taxi from Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang and U-Tapao Airports to Pattaya. The price includes taxi service from your hotel to the airport’s departure terminal and road toll tax.

Taxi Fare Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi Airport

Prices for popular directions in Pattaya per vehicle in thai baht.

Destination - Airports 3 pax 4 pax 9 pax
Pattaya → Suvarnabhumi 109913991799
Suvarnabhumi → Pattaya 129913992099
Pattaya → Don Mueang 154917992099
Don Muang → Pattaya 159918992199
Pattaya → U-Tapao 89910991599
U-Tapao → Pattaya 89910991599
Bangkok (Hotel) → Bangkok (Airport) 6007001200
Bangkok (Airport) → Bangkok (Hotel) 7508501500
Suvarnabhumi (BKK) → Bangkok (Hotel) 220026003300

Extra payment:

for a child safety seat - 300 THB.

for a trip with a pet. If you travel with your pets, you need to have a pet carrier. If you don’t have one, you have to pay 200 THB.

Bangkok Airports - Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang

Our cars always arrive in time

You don’t need to worry. If you book a taxi in advance by telephone or at the website, we guarantee that it will get to your hotel, house or condominium just in time.

Our responsible and reliable drivers always come a few minutes before the departure. You will receive a phone call, when the taxi arrives.

Traveling time:

Pattaya - Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok) - 1 h 30 min - 2 h.

Pattaya - Don Mueang Airport (Bangkok) - 2 h 30 min - 3 h.

Pattaya - U-Tapao Airport (Rayong) - 45 min - 1h.

How to book a taxi to the airport?

You can call one of the phone numbers that you see at our website, or you can make a request using a form below. Please, state the date and the time of the trip, your hotel (house, apartment, etc.)

We receive your bookings 7/24 by phone call or at website.

You can book a taxi for any time of the day and night.

The cost of the taxi service

The prices depend on the type and class of the vehicle

Economy Class auto.

Can carry 3 passengers and 1 piece of luggage or 2 passengers and 2 pieces of luggage (sedan Toyota Altis, Corolla):

1099 THB 1200 - to Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok)

1549 THB - to Don Mueang Airport (Bangkok)

899 THB - to U-Tapao Airport (Pattaya)

We can also book on require the car business class Toyota Camry with extra payment 500 THB.

Minivan, jeep or Business Class auto.

Can carry 6 passengers without luggage or 4 passengers and 4 pieces of luggage (Toyota Fortuner or Toyota Innova):

1399 THB - to Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok;

1799 THB - to Don Mueang Airport (Bangkok);

1099 THB - to U-Tapao Airport (Pattaya.


Can carry up to 9 passengers and luggage (Toyota Commuter):

1799 THB - to Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok)

2099 THB - to Don Mueang Airport (Bangkok)

1399 THB - to U-Tapao Airport (Pattaya).

Online-Pattaya - the class of vehicle
3 pax
4 pax
9 pax

The minimal cost of the taxi service to Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) is 1099 THB. If your hotel, house or apartment is outside Pattaya, the price may be higher. Please, check with the operator.

Prices for popular directions in Pattaya

Price per vehicle in thai baht.

Islands 3 pax 4 pax 9 pax
Pattaya → Pier Koh Samet 1200 1400 1800
Bangkok → Pier Koh Samet 2500 2700 3100
Pattaya ↔ Pier Koh Chang 3300 3950 4500
Suvarnabh. Airport (BKK) ↔ Pier Koh Chang 3500 4000 4500
Pattaya ↔ Phuket 10500 14500 16500
Cities 3 pax 4 pax 9 pax
Bangkok → Pattaya 1399 1599 1999
Pattaya → Bangkok 1399 1599 1999
Pattaya ↔ Hua Hin 3500 3950 4800
Pattaya ↔ Si Racha 800 900 1100
Pattaya ↔ Bangsaeng 1050 at request at request
Bangsaeng ↔ Bangkok 1300 at request at request
Sights 3 pax 4 pax 9 pax
Pattaya ↔ Sai Keaw Beach 700 1000 1400
Pattaya → Sai Keaw Beach → Паттайя 1200 1800 2400
Pattaya ↔ Sattahip Beach 1200 1400 1700
Pattaya ↔ Sattahip Beach → Pattaya 2200 2800 3400
Pattaya ↔ Crocodile farm 450 550 650
Pattaya → Khao Kheow Zoo 800 1100 1350
Pattaya → Khao Kheow Zoo → Pattaya 1600 2100 2600
Pattaya → Tiger Zoo → Паттайя 1600 2100 2600
Pattaya ↔ Nong Nooch Garden 600 800 900
Pattaya → Nong Nooch Garden → Паттайя 1200 1600 1700
Pattaya → Cartoon Network 500 800 900
Pattaya → Cartoon Network → Pattaya 1000 1600 1800
Pattaya → аквапарк Ramayana 550 700 950
Pattaya → Ramayana → Pattaya 1100 1400 1800
Pattaya → Pattaya Sheep Farm 500 1000 1000
Pattaya → Pipo Pony Club 400 450 800
Pattaya → Art in Paradise 350 700 900
Pattaya → Underwater World 350 600 800
Pattaya ↔ Wat Yan 700 - -
A taxi for a whole day in Pattaya 2500 3000 3500
To the border 3 pax 4 pax 9 pax
Pattaya ↔ Poi Pet (Cambodia) 3300 3800 4500
Pattaya → Poi Pet → Pattaya (return in the same day) 5000 5500 6500
Pattaya ↔ Hat Lek (Cambodia) 4500 5000 5500
Pattaya → Hat Lek (Cambodia) → Pattaya 7000 7500 8500

You can book a taxi by telephone or via website and pay to the driver that comes to pick you up.

We provide cars anytime of the day and night.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which road goes from the airport to Pattaya?

The highway.

2. Is road tall tax included in the price?

Yes, the road toll tax is included.

3. Do I have to pay extra money if my hotel is outside the city?

Yes, you will have to pay some extra money if your hotel or house is situated outside Pattaya. For example, if it is to the south of the area of the Ambassador Hotel, you will pay extra 300 THB.

4. I am booking a taxi for the first time. How can I be sure that the taxi will arrive in time?

You don’t need to worry. Our drivers always come a few minutes before the departure. The driver will call you when he gets to your place.

5. What should I do if my taxi is late?

Sometimes a car can stuck in a traffic jam. Anyway, there is no need to worry, because the driver will deliver you to the airport in time. If the car is late for longer than 10 minutes, please, contact our office.

I have need taxi from north pattaya hotel Cosi to Airport Swarnbhumi bankok for 2 persons
in morning at 06.00 am date 08.02.2020 .
tell me fare and availbility.

Hello, the cost of the economy car is 1099 THB. Please fill the form at this page, we will try to book.

Hello!! I would like to have a taxi for 2 person from Don Mueang Airport to InterContinental Pattaya Resort), on 22Dec from InterContinental to Grande Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21(Bangkok), and last on 25Dec from Terminal 21 back to Don Mueang airport. What's the price of it? Pending for your reply~

Hello! Price of the service from DMK airport to Pattaya - 1599 thb, from Pattaya hotel to Bangok hotel - 1399 thb, from Terminal 21 in Bangkok to DMK airport - 600 thb (sedan).

What will be taxi charges for Economy class from Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to Muang Pattaya?


Dear Chintan, the price for a small car sedan is 1299 baht.

Hi, may i know how much from Utapao airport to Pattaya City, 3 adult with 3 luggage, thanks

Looking for a Toyota Camry to pick us up from Don muang airport and drop us to our hotel at patrata tomorrow morning.
Flight landing at 8.30 am.
2 passangers
Pls confirm tariffs on +919690696999

Dear Rohit Pande, we can provide for you Toyota Camry from DMK airport to Pattaya, the price will be 2099 THB.

I have need taxi from pattaya hotel NOVA GOLD to Airport Swarnbhumi bankok
in early morning at 02.00 am date 04.09.18 .
tell me fare and availbility.
shiva kant tiwari

Dear Shiva Kant Tiwari, the price depends on the type of the vehicle:
- 1099 baht for sedan;
- 1399 baht for minivan;
- 1799 baht for minibus.
If you want to make the booking please fill the form at this page or contact us using any possible way

we have 6 people and 6 luggages,
dmk airport to pattaya, how much?

Dear Kooi Pei Sun, the price for service is 2199 for Minibus.

I need taxi for 2 persons from Pattaya to Banghok (Grand Palace) for 7.03.2018 at 8:00. How much is it?


Dear Jozef, the price for the service is 1399 for sedan. If you want to make an order or get more details, please, contact our operator.

Hii. I Will need a taxi from dong moeang airport to A one star hotel in Pattaya. We are 3 adults n 3 luggage.How much it cost

Can you please give me the price for a trip from Laem Chabang to Pattaya on Dec 14 , return to the ship on Dec 15.

Dear Helga taxi from Laem Chabang to Pattaya will cost - 800 (sedan), 1000 (minivan), 1200 (minibus) for one way.

hi, i will travel with my gf on 29 of september, how much is a taxi from bangkok to pattaya the hotel is beverly plaza with 2 luggages

Dear Luis, if you arrive at SUV airport the price for a sedan will be 1299 THB and if it will be DMK airport it will cost 1599 THB for a sedan.

I Will need taxi in 5 days to Don Muang airport, how long in advance I should book and how much is cost? Is for 2 persons with one luggage.

Thank you


Dear Martin, we recommend to book before 1 day of your trip, no later. The cost of the taxi from Pattaya to DMK airport is 1499 baht (sedan).

I wonder the price for minibus from Bangkok AirPort to patay hotel willa thungburra total price whith tools.
We are 5 adults
Date 17/2-17 06.00

Dear Roger, the cost of the  taxi (minibus) is 1999 baht,   it includes road toll tax.

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