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Student Visa in Pattaya (Non-Immigrant ED Visa)

Pattaya, Thailand
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The Student Visa in Pattaya

The page presents all options for obtaining a student visa in Pattaya. You can choose the option with or without learning.

ED visa is obtained by foreign guests who have an intention to study in Thailand. Language school staff will fill in all the necessary papers. This type of visa requires extension every 90 days. Now ED visa is issued for a year from the moment of the last entry into the country, that is, the countdown starts from the moment of entry into the country, so if you entered with a 30-day stamp, the visa is issued for 11 months, if you entered with a 90-day stamp, the visa is issued for 9 months.

Prices for obtaining a student visa in Pattaya

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Frequently Asked Questions about student visa

1. How many times do I have to prolong the student visa?

The student visa can be prolonged three times (every three months). The school will prepare all the necessary paperwork and assist with the extension.

2. Is it possible that I might have any problems in the Immigration Bureau while extending the visa?

The language school usually prepares all the documents, so it is very unlikely that you will have any problems or difficulties. However, if you have any questions, you can always contact you school and ask for help.

3. How does the visa look like?

A student visa is a print with a hologram and a stamp on a passport page.

4. Does student visa allow to leave Thailand and return?

Yes, but you have to get a re-entry stamp in the Office of Immigration Bureau, and a student card and a school certificate from your school. You need to return to Thailand before the date of the next extension (it will be indicated in the passport), otherwise the visa loses its validity.

Reviews of Student Visa in Pattaya (Non-Immigrant ED Visa)

nemrod   (16.02.2024 07:23)
Bonjour, Pouvez-vous m'envoyer par e-mail les détails du prix et du processus pour le cours Ed visa thai. Merci.

Support_Online-Pattaya   (20.02.2024 01:11)
Hello, write please in English

Katerina ilin   (22.12.2023 12:39)
Hello, I’m interested in ed visa plus Thai language course

Support_Online-Pattaya   (22.12.2023 14:26)
Hello, please fill the form at this page

JJohn   (09.10.2023 04:16)
Hi there,

Can you apply for the Nakhon Ratchasima student VISA when entering Thailand on an on-arrival VISA ?


Support_Online-Pattaya   (09.10.2023 13:21)
Hello, now it is possible to open University student visa only if you had before any 1-year Thai visa

peter juhl marloth   (01.06.2023 16:34)
I would like to hear prices on 3 month ed visa.

Support_Online-Pattaya   (05.06.2023 13:07)
Hello, now we can offer ED visa for 12 months

Владислав   (29.05.2023 17:47)
Вы являетесь агрегатором в отношении студенческих виз? или вы сами и являетесь школой /курсом?

Support_Online-Pattaya   (31.05.2023 14:20)
Здравствуйте, больше агрегатором, а точнее тур агентом, у нас есть локальные партнеры, которые занимаются оформлением студ виз

Samik majumder   (03.03.2023 21:24)
I am looking student visa
Can you please let me know the details price and all process

Support_Online-Pattaya   (04.03.2023 12:29)
Hello, you can see all rates and description at this page

chan park   (10.07.2022 09:37)
Hello from us,
I am interested in student visa extension at Pattaya. I will arrive in Pattaya on August 1st from Bangkok with a tourist visa. Would you provide where I get a consultation?
Thank you advanced,

Support_Online-Pattaya   (11.07.2022 20:58)
Hello, if you would like to open ED visa, you can fill the form at our website. Please note that this process will take 21 days approximately, if you have more questions you can contact us

Giorgio   (04.07.2022 21:10)
Dear sirs, I can get Ed Visa without going out from thailand right? I've done 1 year Ed visa in year 2014, can do it again? For how many years can get an Ed Visa totally? thanks!

Support_Online-Pattaya   (04.07.2022 21:15)
Hello, Giorgio, yes, you can open ED visa now without leaving of Thailand. We think you can open again new ED visa, many years passed since 2014. But to be sure contact with our customer support .

Karl lichtnecker   (23.04.2022 21:51)
Hi you still make ED visa and how much is it .

Support_Online-Pattaya   (10.05.2022 12:33)
Hello, yes we can offer ED visa, the price starts from 29000 THB for 1 year visa.

Lucy   (20.03.2022 11:32)
my name is Lucy, I am 30 years old, i have russian passport

I live in Thailand, currently I am on Covid extension, valid for the next 60 days

i am looking for a way to buy a one year visa (any possible visa) as cheap as possible. Can you help?

please let me know if you can help in any ways.

thank you!

Online-Pattaya   (17.05.2022 14:40)
Hello Lucy, sent to your email.

Igor Tatuiko   (11.03.2022 12:11)
Good day! We would like to consider your proposal for two persons

Support_Online-Pattaya   (18.03.2022 15:02)
Hello, please contact our customer support, we will help you with visa.

Hannay   (20.12.2021 22:43)
Hi, do you have education visa now? Thanks.

Support_Online-Pattaya   (24.12.2021 14:19)
Dear Hannay, this service is not available now

Zeze Chan   (01.12.2021 17:01)
I want to know how long is the visa for 29000 thb? Is it a year? Please send me the detail. Thank you

Anastasiya_Online-Pattaya   (02.12.2021 11:48)
Hello, dear Zeze Chan, yes, its valid for 12 months

Kevin   (24.09.2021 07:41)
Please can you email me current details - prices / process for Ed visa thai course. Thanks.

Support_Online-Pattaya   (24.09.2021 16:52)
Hello, dear Kevin, sent to your email.

Jacky Van Gucht   (01.04.2021 15:49)
The document package of 12900 baht. What includes that? That's a visa for 1 year and don't have classes? It's all included?
Friendly regards

Support_Online-Pattaya   (01.04.2021 15:56)
Dear Jacky, now due to the closed borders there are new rules for getting ED visa, we will send details to your email.

Dimitri karageorgiou   (03.08.2020 04:46)
I’m interested in an English Language education visa . Can I please have some information about the course. I live in Pattaya and have a Greek passport

Support_Online-Pattaya   (03.08.2020 13:02)
Hello, we can invite you to visit school to get more details about studying or you can send us require by email, in any messenger TelegramViberSkypeFacebook MessengerTwitter

Alex   (23.06.2020 19:17)
Hello, How long is the student visa valid?.


Support_Online-Pattaya   (23.06.2020 19:35)
Hello, dear Alex,  basically ED student visa is valid 1 year.

Christian Kotte   (09.01.2020 03:10)
What's the purpose of the ED Visa for 12900 Baht? Do I get the ED Visa without learning a language??

Support_Online-Pattaya   (09.01.2020 03:55)
Hello, dear Christian please contact our customer support to get details

kamel   (30.11.2019 12:51)
hi , iam an ( ALGERIAN CITIZEN ) , I have two daughters age 10 and 12 years old , I would like to get them a student visa for learning thai language , they are here in Thailand , their visa expire on December 26th , please tell me what is the best offer you have , thanks

Vera_Online-Pattaya   (30.11.2019 13:06)
Dear kamel, we have a program of ED Visa with learning Thai lanuage, price is 28990 thb per person. Please fill the form of booking on this page and our staff will contact you for futher assistance.

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