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Taxi in Pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand
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With our service, booking a taxi in Pattaya is as easy and convenient as in your native country. We guarantee your safety and comfort. Our operators are ready to answer all your questions in English and give you information about the prices, the earliest possible time of taxi arrival, travelling time, etc. If needed, drivers can provide you with reporting papers. Our cars are in good condition and we perform regular auto maintenance for all vehicles. The prices for our services are fixed.

Pattaya Taxi Fare

The cost of the taxi per vehicle in thai baht

Destination 3 pax 4 pax 9 pax
In Pattaya city: North Pattaya, Pattaya Klang, South Pattaya, Pratamnak, Thepprasit, Jomtien
350 450 650
Pattaya city → Na Jomtien, Ambassador 450 500 700
Pattaya city → Ban Dusit, Ban Amper 550 700 900
Pattaya city → Ban Sa-re 600 800 1000

Taxi Fare from Pattaya to Airports

Prices for popular directions in Pattaya per vehicle in thai baht.

Destination - Airports 3 pax 4 pax 9 pax
Suvarnabhumi → Pattaya 129913992099
Pattaya → Suvarnabhumi 119913991999
Don Muang → Pattaya 159918992199
Pattaya → Don Mueang 154917992099
U-Tapao → Pattaya 89910991599
Pattaya → U-Tapao 89910991599
Pattaya → Hua Hin 350039504800
Pattaya → Bangkok 149914991699
Pattaya → Phuket 105001450016500
Pattaya → Pier Koh Samet 120014001800
Pattaya → Pier Koh Chang 350039504500
Islands 3 pax 4 pax 9 pax
Pattaya → Pier Koh Samet 1200 1400 1800
Bangkok → Pier Koh Samet 2500 2700 3100
Pattaya ↔ Pier Koh Chang 3300 3950 4500
Suvarnabh. Airport (BKK) ↔ Pier Koh Chang 3500 4000 4500
Pattaya ↔ Phuket 10500 14500 16500
Cities 3 pax 4 pax 9 pax
Bangkok → Pattaya 1399 1599 1999
Pattaya → Bangkok 1399 1599 1999
Pattaya ↔ Hua Hin 3500 3950 4800
Pattaya ↔ Si Racha 800 900 1100
Pattaya ↔ Bangsaeng 1050 at request at request
Bangsaeng ↔ Bangkok 1300 at request at request
Sights 3 pax 4 pax 9 pax
Pattaya ↔ Sai Keaw Beach 700 1000 1400
Pattaya → Sai Keaw Beach → Паттайя 1200 1800 2400
Pattaya ↔ Sattahip Beach 1200 1400 1700
Pattaya ↔ Sattahip Beach → Pattaya 2200 2800 3400
Pattaya ↔ Crocodile farm 450 550 650
Pattaya → Khao Kheow Zoo 800 1100 1350
Pattaya → Khao Kheow Zoo → Pattaya 1600 2100 2600
Pattaya → Tiger Zoo → Паттайя 1600 2100 2600
Pattaya ↔ Nong Nooch Garden 600 800 900
Pattaya → Nong Nooch Garden → Паттайя 1200 1600 1700
Pattaya → Cartoon Network 500 800 900
Pattaya → Cartoon Network → Pattaya 1000 1600 1800
Pattaya → аквапарк Ramayana 550 700 950
Pattaya → Ramayana → Pattaya 1100 1400 1800
Pattaya → Pattaya Sheep Farm 500 1000 1000
Pattaya → Pipo Pony Club 400 450 800
Pattaya → Art in Paradise 350 700 900
Pattaya → Underwater World 350 600 800
Pattaya ↔ Wat Yan 700 - -
A taxi for a whole day in Pattaya 2500 3000 3500
To the border 3 pax 4 pax 9 pax
Pattaya ↔ Poi Pet (Cambodia) 3300 3800 4500
Pattaya → Poi Pet → Pattaya (return in the same day) 5000 5500 6500
Pattaya ↔ Hat Lek (Cambodia) 4500 5000 5500
Pattaya → Hat Lek (Cambodia) → Pattaya 7000 7500 8500

What is included in the price?

The price includes the taxi service and road toll tax (if there are any toll roads on the way).

Extra payment:

for a child safety seat - 300 THB

for a trip with a pet. If you travel with your pets, you need to have a pet carrier. If you don’t have one, you have to pay 200 THB.

Taxi in Pattaya

Taxi sanitation video


Dear, Gaurav Gupta, price depends on the type of the car and timings also. Time spent at the places depends only on you. Please, contrast us by any option available by the link below to calculate the price:

How much is the round trip from central pattaya beach to nong nooch garden? Just 2 people maybe pick up is 10am and pick up in the afternoon at 5pm

Hello, the price for the taxi is 1200 THB for the round trip.

Dear. Could you please quote Mini Van price for the following itinerary.
* from Jomtien Beach to Khao Chi Chan Buddha.
* from Khao Chi Chan Buddha to The Sanctuary Of Truth
* from The Sanctuary Of Truth to Jomtien Beach

Hello, for such itinerary  (if you need in the same day) we recommend to rent car with a driver for half day - 3000 THB for minivan.

Dear sirs,
I want to visit pattaya boxing world next to mini siam on 27 of December at 20.00. How much is transfer from Avalon Beach Resort hotel to this place and back after boxing?

Dear Ihor, we can offer to you a taxi, the price is 350 THB for one way. Also we can provide a group transfer with admission tickets to Muay Thai boxing

dear desk,
kindly advice taxi fare cost for 02 persons for a whole day trip 08:00 to 17:00 to visit 02 locations the sriracha tiger zoo and noonch garden in pattaya

Dear Sujith, we can offer for you a taxi for this route, the price will be 3000 THB for a sedan. Price doesn't include entrance tickets.

we are 5 persons and need taxi for 8-10 hours in Pattaya on Sept 28, 2018 (fullday sightseeing)
pls inform us the cost of it ..

Dear Tya, a taxi for a whole day in Pattaya (from 9:00 to 17:00) for 5 people will cost 3000 THB for minivan. If you need a taxi for more than 8 hours, you need to pay extra of 250 baht per hour.

We are 7 people and wanted to go one full day sightseeing in pattaya? how much do you charge for 8 hours?

Hello, a taxi for a whole day in Pattaya (from 9:00 to 17:00) will cost 4500 THB for minibus.

Would give Zero Stars if i could! Bad Service and Cocky Attitude! Rude as fuck! We booked the tour 1 week earlier online and they forgotten about our booking and when we ask about our booking a day before the date we book they asked us when do we want our tour to be and we told them the date and they told us we need to make a prepayment where we did ask it before how do we make our payment before when we first booked and they did not tell anything about it. We do not have online transfer and paypals to do it so we ask is it ok to do cash deposit and they replied :" its already 10pm, how can you do cash deposit at this time? Our office does not work now. " At the very last they asked us to changed our date for the tour with a bad and cocky attitude! We planned our trip nicely and they asked us to change date at the very last minute?! The way the reply us is like we are on fault! Dont ever book from this company!!

Good morning, Mr. Wayne Chang, We apologise for the all inconvenience.
You were interested in 3 miracle islands Extreme tour and had some questions about the tour.
When answering your questions about the tour and discount price, we also mentioned that you need to make a prepayment. You replied that you would like to discuss it with your friends.
Later in the evening you provided us with the details necessary to process your booking.
We asked you what currency you preferred to pay and you replied that it would be convenient to pay in Thai bahts. After that you were sent the details of a bank account for making the prepayment.
24 July at 21:57 you informed us that you can pay only by cash in our office.
Unfortunately, our office is not open at that time and you can pay only online. We ask you to pay as soon as possible if you want to go on the tour on the next day of 25 July.
We also offered you to change the date of the trip so that you could pay in a convenient way - that is by cash in the office. You canceled the trip.Concerning booking the taxi - you booked a car for 05:30 a.m. The driver arrived in time and was waiting for you until 06:00 a.m. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the driver. We did not know that he said you about charged you 100 THB for each 10 minutes of waiting.

Please advise cost of 8-10 hour daily taxi hire for 6-7 days in June 2018. From Pattaya for sightseeing.

Dear Pradeep, we can offer for you a taxi for 8 hours in Pattaya: sedan - 2500 THB, minivan - 3000 THB, minibus - 3500 THB.

How much do you charge for a minibus (9 ppl) from Mövenpick Pattaya to Big C Extra? How about from Mövenpick to Big C Supercenter? How much for round trip? Thanks!

Hello, the price for minibus from your hotel will be 650 THB in 1 way to Big C Extra or to Big C Supercenter.

Could you please quote Mini Van price for the following itinerary.
04-Jan-2018: 10 AM - Don Muang Airport to Pattaya Hotel.
05-Jan-2018: 11 AM - Pattaya hotel to Cartoon network amazon Pattaya
05-Jan-2018: 4 PM - Cartoon network amazon Pattaya to Bangkok hotel around pratinum area.

Dear SAW, rhe prices for minivan are:
From DMK aiport to Pattaya - 1899 THB.
From Pattaya to Cartoon Network - 800 THB for one way and 1600 THB for two way trip.
From Cartoon Network to Bangkok - around 2500 THB

Dear, What are the costs from Sriracha Robinson to Pattaya Beach and back again? Best regards

Dear Kipp, the price depends of the type of vehicle, tell us please  how many people will be?

Good morning.sorry but my English is very bad normally I speak German but I’m Handicap man in wheelchair. How much you need for about three hours to go Bangkokhospital

Dear Sieber. Please write us the full name of your hotel, after we can inform you about the cost of the trip. You can fill the form at our website or contact us by any another way

Dear I'm arriving Bangkok airport on 19 June morning 8.15am, I need taxi for pattaya, lk meropol hotel, what will be the charges.

Dear Jaswant, for the calculation of the cost please specify the name of the airport, the name of the hotel in Pattaya and the number of passengers.

Was unable to make i will start looking for another company. On not with paypal so just used the pay with card method but still unable to make payment.thanks anyway

Dear Robert, we book taxi usually without prepayment. What kind of the service would you like to order?

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