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Dream World

Pattaya, Thailand
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Dream World has got a wide choice of interesting places, attractions and entertainments for big families and thrill lovers. There are many theme zones and each is designed in unique way. Make sure that you are ready to take photos with your camera because there are many “celebrities” around. Here you will see famous Hollywood characters and actors, make beautiful photos with them and find yourselves in the role of James Bond and his girlfriend and other famous characters. Don’t miss Haunted Mansion and Giant House. While the Giant is sleeping kids and adults can look around his cabin, swing in a rocking chair, make selfie beside the fireplace and try on the master’s shoes.

Itinerary and prices

the tours to Dream World


Thrilling Sensations

Immerse yourself into a film with 4-D Adventure - together with a young scientist who studies and develops dangerous technologies, you will fight with annoying insects and a flock of bats. And this will be accompanied by realistic special effects. Tease your fears In Alien where you will find yourself in the near future watching dreadful aliens - sometimes in complete darkness.

Exciting Rides

Tornado and Hurricane will make you scream out loud! You will be taken up as high as a 7-storey building and you will be swaying and rocking with the speed of 75 km/h. Be ready to turn around and somersault 20 m high up in the air. There is no time to chill out! We guarantee that you’ll get an extreme rush of adrenaline!

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Arctic Winter in Thailand

For an extra fee you can visit a charming snowy city. If you are exhausted by the heat or you miss the cold, you should definitely visit this place. There you will find much snow and ice and enjoy rolling down the slides.

Need for Speed

Don’t hesitate to visit GO KART. Racing and speeding remind the sensation of driving a motorbike - pure adrenaline and safe at the same time. You will also enjoy BUMP CAR. Here you can bump into your friends’ cars. You don’t need to worry because you won’t damage the cars - just enjoy and have fun!

Dream World Bangkok

Swan’s Lake

Would you like to ride a catamaran made in a shape of a duck? Enjoy your boat trip in a lake with a beautiful fountain in its center, in a company of magnificent white and black swans. If you stop at the bird feeder a little longer, you can witness an amazing scene: a caring swan feeds a Koi fish.

Water Park

Children will be happy with a small Water Park where you can find different exciting attractions. Both kids and their parents will enjoy water entertainments and get unforgettable memories.

Extra services

There is a KFC cafe and souvenir shops in the territory of Dream World.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I pay for tours in US dollars?

You can pay in US dollar or Euro online by credit/debit card. If you prefer to pay by cash you have to pay in Thai Baht only.

2. How can I find out the exact departure time?

You will get a text message informing you about the exact departure time from 22:00 - 23:00 on the day before the trip.

3. Do I have to pay extra fee for dinner?

You don’t have to pay extra fee for dinner. Dinner buffet is included in the price of the tour.

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