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Adult 850 baht

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Lake Fishing Tour

Pattaya, Thailand
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1-day tour
Departure: 08:00
Return: 19:00
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Lake Fishing Tour

You will surely have a reason for being proud!

Fishing for catfish

Tour 1

Fishing tour takes place on the shore of a private little known lake situated 15 km away from Pattaya. There aren’t many foreign tourists there. The fish are biting extremely well. The fishermen can buy the catch for 80 THB for 1 kg.

An enjoyable day-off

For your comfort at the lake there are cozy summer-houses where you can enjoy the company of your friends. In a local restaurant you can try different dishes cooked from the fish you have caught. Besides, you can just have lunch in a restaurant where you will be offered a wide choice of various dishes, spirits and soft drinks.

Quick booking

The car will be delivered within 1 hour after the booking.

Adult Admission850 THB
Child Admission850 THB
* Transfers without admission to fishing are also available at 300 THB per 1 person.

The price includes: two-way transfer, fishing tackle.

Giant Fishing Park

Tour 2

Fishing for a giant fish.

Adult Admission3800 THB
Child Admission3800 THB
* Booking for 2 people - 3500 THB, for 3 people - 3200 THB.

The price includes: two-way transfer, fishing tackle.

Amazon Fishing Park

Tour 3

Fishing for a giant fish.

Adult Admission4500 THB
Child Admission4800 THB
* Booking for 2 people - 4500 THB, for 3 people - 4200 THB.

The price includes: two-way transfer, fishing tackle.

Fishing at Monster Lake

Tour 4

The fishing park is situated in Bangkok. The area of the lake is 9800 sq. m, the depth - 4-10 m. The lake is inhabited by Siamese giant carps, Mekong giant catfish, catfish, bullhead catfish, striped catfish, white catfish, red-tailed catfish, notopterus, several kinds of carps, giant gourami, northern snakehead, black catfish, barramundi, or white sea bass, striped snakehead and South-American Amazon giant arapaima. Some fish weigh over 100 kg. Lunch is included.

Adult Admission7500 THB
Child Admission7500 THB
*Minimum booking is for 2 people.

The price includes: two-way transfer, fishing tackle, lunch.

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Booked this the day before, received a message late evening comfirming the booking. Was meant to be collected outside the hotel at 7:45. Waited till 8:15 tried to contact someone. Didn't get any response so went on my own by taxi. Very poor service, disappointed. Won't be booking anything again.

Dear Nicholas, we're very sorry for this confusion. Organizator have sent the message with the wrong pick up time. We apologize, and would like to offer
you all next trip with the discount.

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