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It is very easy to buy an apartment in Pattaya: do not waste your time and contact Real Estate Gallery which comprises all the building objects.

Many businessmen prefer investing their money in property in Thailand which also marks out their status.

Investments in property in this city are very profitable because Pattaya is a fast-developing tourist destination where big investors from China, Europe, Australia, USA, etc. invest. Real Estate Gallery works with the most reliable real estate developers in Pattaya. You can be sure that all the documents will be processed and registered properly. You will get help on all the stages - from the very beginning to obtaining the ownership.

Demand for rental property in Pattaya is very high, that is why the company offers you to start getting a profit after the purchase of the apartment immediately. After signing a contract of managing real estate, your apartment will be safe and rented out with the help of the company staff.

Review of the best new building projects in Pattaya. The most reliable real-estate developers in Thailand. Free transfer to Real Estate Gallery in Pattaya.
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Rules for buying land, houses, commercial real estate in Pattaya

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The forms of ownership and property taxes in Pattaya.

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A vacation will be especially comfortable if you have your own comfortable apartment waiting for you here.
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Stages of buying real estate in Thailand.

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How a foreigner can buy an established property in Pattaya?

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How to buy housing in Pattaya easily and without problems
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The types of real estate which can be purchased in Pattaya.
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The forms of ownership in Thailand, their advantages and disadvantages.

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How to buy a house in Pattaya?

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How to buy a villa in Pattaya?

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What is a condominium?

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Buying an apartment in Thailand without leaving your country
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