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5 steps of buying real estate in Pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand
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Do you want to buy an apartment in Pattaya? What to start with?

Buying real estate in Pattaya is a great way to not only invest in your vacation, but also make good money in the long run. Your accommodation at the resort will allow you to relax in comfort, regardless of the season. After all, you will not need to worry about the availability of hotels and price increases during the tourist season. You will also be able to rent out your home and to return your investments in a short time as the flow of tourists in Pattaya does not stop all year round. The real estate market in Thailand is actively developing, so if necessary, you can always resell housing more profitably. In our article, we will tell you about 5 stages of buying real estate in Thailand.


Step 1. To consult with a specialist

First, it’s worth to decide on the purpose of buying a housing and your requirements. Everyone can have its own selection criterias, for example, the proximity of a school or playground, the presence of a pool, the remoteness of the beach and others. Some buyers are looking for housing for regular holidays with their families, while others plan to move to Pattaya and open their own business. In any case, the choice of real estate is so large that everyone will find here an ideal option for themselves.

Step 2. To select an object

Having determined the goals and the list of requirements, you can choose the right objects. It is better to leave analysis of the real estate market, the study of all the subtleties and nuances to professionals. Experts will select for you several options, tell about the advantages of each, guarantee the integrity and reliability of developers.

Step 3. To make a deposit

When an ideal accommodation is found, the next step will be to make a deposit. Thus, you reserve the right to purchase this housing and no one else can claim this option. The amount of the deposit may vary within 5% of the total price of the property. After making a deposit, the final cost of housing is approved,any revaluations are already unacceptable. A deposit is the first payment for housing which will already be paid.

Step 4. To sign a contract

Perhaps this is the most crucial step when buying a property, it is very important to consider all aspects. Experienced lawyers will help you to sign a contract which takes into account all your interests and wishes so that no one can violate your rights. It is quite difficult to study the features of Thai legislation on your own, so you should contact specialists.

Step 5. To receive a certificate of ownership

So, the long-awaited moment has come, all the documents are ready and the owner or builder transfers the object into your property. At this stage, it is also worthwhile to be vigilant and verify that all contract conditions are met. If any flaws are found, the seller will be obliged to take care of them within the agreed time. If the object is accepted and everything is right, the package of documents is sent to the Land Department, which will issue you a certificate of ownership. From this moment you become the full owner of real estate in Thailand.

To go through all 5 steps of buying housing in Pattaya easily and quickly, you can contact the Real Estate Gallery. Experienced specialists will find the perfect accommodation for you and help you get it on the most favorable terms. Get ready to start a new happy period of life in a tropical paradise where the sun shines all year round. You can start the journey to your dream right now and order a free transfer to the Real Estate Gallery at our website.

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