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Condominiums in Pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand
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Condominiums in Pattaya

Condos and condominiums are especially popular among tourists and foreigners who want to buy property in Pattaya, because of their comfort and affordability. Condos are cozy apartments in large multi-storey condominium houses. The apartments are equipped with everything necessary for a perfect holiday: a condo has a bedroom,a kitchen,a shower and a toilet. The first floors of condominiums are often reserved for commercial real estate. There can be placed beauty salons, shops, restaurants and other services for the convenience of residents. The territory of the complex is under security so the complete safety of residents is ensured. In our article we will tell what condominiums are and the rules of living in them.


What is a condominium?

From a legal point of view, a condominium is a form of ownership and disposal of common property. A condominium includes private apartments which belong to different owners, and a common area which is owned by all residents. A common area often includes a garden, a pool,a gym,a playground and other services. Such form of ownership as condominium may be applied both to a single building and to a complex of buildings with a common territory. Each condo owner becomes a member of the condominium automatically.

The common territory and property are managed by the association of condo owners, which form the charter, rules of residence, the cost of maintaining the building and the procedure for paying fees.

The cost of maintaining and improving the common area (condo fee) is paid by all tenants monthly, depending on the area of ​​their housing. Every year all owners of the condo also pay a maintenance fee - these funds are used to maintain real estate.

The main benefit of living in a condominium is that all the costs of maintaining infrastructure (parking, gym and pool) are divided among all residents equally. And if you own the entire building, be prepared to pay a large sum.

Rules of residence in condominiums

These simple rules will be useful both for new owners of the condo, and for those who plan to rent apartments:

• If you have any problems with a condo, you should contact the reception or the management company which provides services to the complex.

• Personal things of residents (bicycles, bags, prams and others) shouldn’t be left in public places.

• Pets are not allowed to stay in condominiums, so if you are flying to Pattaya with an animal, you should find suitable accommodation in advance.

• Residents of Thailand are very careful about the preservation of nature and the environment, so each house must have a separate collection of garbage. There are separate containers for different types of waste.

Following these simple rules your stay in the condominium will be comfortable and enjoyable.

In 2019, you can become a happy owner of your apartment in such newly built condos: Riviera Monaco, Siam Oriental Tropical Garden, Siam Oriental Star. You can buy established housing in the popular and affordable condos: Aurora Pratumnak, Laguna Beach Resort, New Nordic.

If you are interested in buying property in Pattaya, you can book a free transfer to the Real Estate Gallery. Qualified employees will help you to determine the type of housing, select excellent options and provide assistance at all stages of the transaction.

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