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Real Estate Gallery in Pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand
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VIP service for the most demanding clients. Review of the best building projects in Pattaya. The most reliable real-estate developers in Thailand. The official company which has the information about all the latest projects at the property market. Profitable investments into the perspective future. Choose the right property to mark out your status.

You will get full actual information about all the newly building real estate objects you are interested in. You can take your time and study project models which are presented at the Gallery. You will have an opportunity to watch all the variety of apartments and houses at the Gulf of Siam with consideration of your individual wishes and the strictest criteria. All the documents will be officially registered and processed in the Land Department of Thailand.


Types of real estate in Pattaya

A room

It is usually a hotel room without a kitchen zone which is not very big in size. It is very convenient as there are no problems with eating out in Pattaya: restaurants and small cafes are everywhere. And the room will always be clean without food smells.

A studio

A studio is a room of free layout. It always has a sleeping zone, a bathroom, a kitchen zone and a small balcony. The area of a studio may vary from 30 to 100 sq.m.


Apartments can be one-bedroom or two-bedroom. A one-bedroom apartment has one separate bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen united with a living-room.

A two-bedroom apartment has two separate bedrooms, two bathrooms and a living-room united with a kitchen.

Галерея недвижимости в Паттайе

A condominium

A resort type condominium is several eight-storey buildings, situated in the clean well-kept guarded territory. In the territory of a condominium there is a swimming-pool, a sauna, a gym, a parking space for cars and motorbikes.

Condominiums with the view over the Gulf of Siam with various services on different floors is a perfect option for a luxurious holiday.

A separately built condominium (about seven- or eight-storey) is an option for those clients who prefer a quiet holiday. Such condos also have a swimming-pool, a gym, a parking space in the territory.

A house

Houses are usually sold in guarded areas which have their own developed infrastructure. Area and number of floors may vary - you can choose up to your preferences. Families with kids and pets prefer this kind of accommodation for their holiday.

A townhouse

Townhouses are usually two- or three-storey houses which have detached walls with neighbouring houses.

A villa

Villas are houses of exclusive class, with a large territory and a beautiful garden, swimming-pools and sportsgrounds.

Advantages of purchasing property in Thailand

• Real estate for foreign citizens is registered as private property.

• Possibility of transmission by inheritance.

• You do not pay taxes when renting out the property.

• Possibility to move in after paying 20% from the total cost.

• Payment plan with no interest for buying new property.

• 8-10% annual income from the investments.

• Constant demand for rent because of the popularity of the resort.

See all the hot deals at the Gallery and choose a ready to move in apartment or a new building project. It is very convenient as all the actual deals for buying real estate for foreigners are collected here.

Purchase and rent of real estate

After purchasing property the company helps its clients to rent out the apartments and get real profit. You can sign a contract on managing real estate and be sure that your apartment is safe under the watchful eye of professionals.

The staff of the company also help obtain the document of property ownership in the Land Department.

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