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Houses in Pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand

How to buy a house in Pattaya?

Buying a house in Pattaya is a great idea for those who like sunny weather, green tropics and juicy fruits. Private house is the best solution for those who have pets, because animals are not allowed in condominiums and hotels. The owner of a house in Pattaya gets not only spacious and comfortable housing with his own land, but also accommodation in an elite village with a well-established infrastructure. There are swimming pools, playgrounds, fitness rooms at the protected territory of ​​most villages. Some villages even have treadmills, water parks and beautiful landscapes with lakes. Owners of the house can use all services absolutely free. In our article we will tell how a foreigner can purchase a house in Pattaya.


House prices in Pattaya

There are many villages in Pattaya in which mainly foreigners live. So living in a house in Thailand, you will feel like at home. Foreigners can either purchase a fully furnished house or order the construction of a house for themselves according to individual requirements. Developers can offer you several options for typical projects with different sizes. You can choose the option to your liking, pick up all the materials which will be used for decoration, and coordinate the arrangement of the land (for example, to build a pool or gazebo). The area of ​​typical houses varies between 100-300 square meters.

Property prices in a rural village start from 3 million THB and higher. A house in an elite village will cost 8-12 million THB, depending on features and sizes. You can purchase a house by installments with a maximum payment period up to 4 years. After you pay the first 50% of the total cost, you can already move into your house. Modern houses in Pattaya are equipped with all necessary communications: water from the well, sewage, electricity, as well as cable TV and wi-fi. You can connect more high-speed Internet for an additional fee.

There is also an active cultural life in such settlements: various events for residents, parties, holidays and competitions are often held. If you are interested in historical sights, you may purchase houses nearby. The main advantage of housing near the sights is that there is a restriction on the buildings height in these areas. So you can not worry that a condominium or some industrial enterprise will be built nearby. The villages have a calm, peaceful atmosphere for families with children who want to hide from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Rules for buying houses in Pattaya

According to the Thai law, a land cannot be transferred to non-residents of the country. However, there are two legal ways to buy a house in Thailand for a foreigner.

The first option is to buy a house and land as a commercial property. The process involves the registration of a legal entity on your name and on the name of the Thai partner (the presence of a citizen of Thailand as a partner is mandatory). Then real estate is purchased as the property of the enterprise. After that the partner waives his ownership rights, and you become the only owner of the land and house in Thailand. Of course such process of paperwork will take more time, you will also need additional costs for the registration of the company and its monthly maintenance.

The second option is to buy land in leasehold. This form means that you rent an object for 30 years and also have the right to extend it for another two terms (as a result, for 90 years). At the same time, you have full right to dispose of all property as you want: sell, rent, leave a legacy, etc. The leasehold agreement is concluded with the owner of the land and is registered at the Land Department. Very often foreigners rent land in the leasehold, and buy a house in the freehold – full form ownership and disposal for an unlimited period.

In order to understand all the documentation and not to break any norm of local legislation, it is worth to consult experienced specialists. The staff of the Pattaya Real Estate Gallery will advise you on all issues, help you to choose the right options and provide full support at all stages of the transaction. Right now you can book a free transfer to the Real Estate Gallery and take the first step to buying your own house in a paradise!

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