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How to buy housing in Pattaya?

Pattaya, Thailand
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How to buy housing in Pattaya?

Every year, more and more travelers are thinking about buying their own housing in an exotic country of smiles. There are ideal conditions for relaxation and life: warm climate, gentle sea, tropical fruits and affordable prices. But many people are afraid to buy property in another country because of unfamiliar legislation, language and other unknown nuances. For these reasons, the process of buying a housing seems very complicated and confusing. In fact, the real estate market in Pattaya is actively developing and offers loyal conditions for foreigners. In our article, we will dispel all myths and tell how to buy housing in Pattaya easily and without problems.


Stages of buying a real estate

To begin with, it is worth deciding on the type of housing which you want to purchase. In Pattaya, both established apartments and housing under construction are sold. When buying ready-made housing, you need to pay the full cost immediately, in the second option - an advance payment is first paid (approximately 25% of the cost), and the remaining amount can be repaid gradually in installments. To avoid fraud, it is better to contact a reliable dealer. Real Estate Gallery will help you make the right choice based on your needs and capabilities.

The next step will be to open an account at a Thai bank. All payments, including housing fees, are made in THB. All sums which are credited to the account are automatically converted according to the current rate. When transferring funds, you should indicate the purpose of the payment - “for buying a real estate”. You also need to get a bank statement confirmation that you have enough money on your account to buy a housing.

After you have selected an object and transferred the necessary sum, a contract of sale is concluded. To avoid misunderstandings, in addition to the Thai agreement, you should require duplicates in English or your native language. The specialists of Real Estate Gallery will help you to ensure that all your rights are protected by the clauses of the contract.

The transaction ends at the Thailand Land Department. Here you will get a Chanoot - Thai Certificate of Ownership. Don’t forget to determine the quota (Thai or foreign) at which the property is sold. The fact is that according to local law, 49% of housing can become the property of foreigners and sold under a foreign quota, and 51% must belong to the Thais and can be sold as a Thai quota. If you want to purchase an object under the Thai quota, you must register a legal entity, the founders of which will be you and a Thai citizen. Then the real estate is drawn up for this company, the Thai owner draws up a refusal for this object, and you become the only owner.

The cost of housing in Pattaya

As in any corner of the Earth, the cost of housing in Pattaya depends on its quality, area and location. One of the pricing factors in Pattaya is proximity to the sea. Prices for the cheapest accommodation in the resort start from 10 000 USD. For 30 000 - 50 000 dollars, you can buy a comfortable apartment near the sea. House prices start from 45 000 dolars. For this amount you can buy a house with an area of ​​100-150 square meters with 4-5 rooms. A beautiful villa of 200-300 square meters with a land plot, a pool, a garage and other amenities will cost 90 000 - 120 000 USD.

In Real Estate Gallery, experts will select the best options for you at the best prices, tell about the advantages and features of each option. You can take your first step to the dream of living in a paradise right now by ordering a free transfer to Real Estate Gallery. If you are not in Thailand, you can get a consultation online and even purchase a housing remotely.

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