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Transfer from Pattaya to Bangkok (Bus)

Pattaya, Thailand
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Bus from Pattaya to Bangkok

Itinerary and prices group and private transfers

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Information about luggage

• Each person can bring one suitcase for free.

• If you have more than one suitcase, you will have to pay extra fee.

• Pets are not allowed on the bus.

Type of luggage Price (THB)
1st Bag less than 20 kg free
2nd Bag less than 20 kg 20
Bag 21-30 kg 50
Bag 31-50 kg 100
Bag 51-80 kg 150
Bicycle (assembled) 200
Golf bag (medium size) 100
Golf bag (big size) 200
Surfing board 300

If you are taking more luggage with you, please indicate the information about your luggage in ”Extra information” field in the booking form.

Itinerary and Prices

for group transfers by bus

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If my hotel is outside Pattaya, do I need to pay extra for transfer?

Yes, if your hotel or apartment (etc.) is far away from Pattaya center, you will have to pay extra. The sum of extra payment depends on the distance from the center. You will know the total price after processing your order (booking).

2. Can I book in advance?

Yes, you can book any service in advance, but preferably not earlier than 1 month. The latest time for booking transfers to the airport is until 21:00 the night before, for booking taxi - not later than 1 hour before the time of the trip. However, we don’t recommend booking in the last minute.

3. Can I pay for the transfer to the airport to the driver?

Unfortunately, no. Transfer from Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok (by bus) must be fully paid in advance. For taxi service you can pay to the driver.

4. How will I know the exact departure time?

The operator will inform you of the exact departure time after confirmation of your order from the transfer's company supplier.

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