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Lost World Tour in Pattaya

Pattaya, Thailand
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Discover the incredible

Virgin jungles, underground stalactite caves, mountain rivers, wild monkeys and beautiful waterfalls. Enchanting views of wild nature that won’t leave you indifferent.

Buddhist Temple

Our journey to the amazing lost world begins with a visit to Buddhist temple in Khao Wong national park which was founded by a wandering monk. In the temple we will see a miracle created by the nature -­ a statue of Buddha formed with stalactites. A local legend says that here every wish comes true. In the territory of the temple monkeys live.

Underground cave

After visiting the temple we will go down to the underground cave. We will cross the caves with torches in our hands and wearing rubber boots. On the cave’ s walls you will see stalactites and stalagmites which had been formed during million years. There are a lot of bats in the caves, and it makes the place even more mysterious. After we cross the cave and go out, we will find ourselves in wild virgin jungles never touched by a human.


We will have a meal at the restaurant in the national park right in the jungles where a buffet lunch will be served.

Khao Chi Mao Park

We will enjoy swimming at the 5th level of a beautiful 8-­level waterfall where the nature created a real miracle ­- ultramarine pool with cool clear water. We can feed big fish at the lower levels. The highest point of the waterfall is 2630 m above the sea level.

The price includes: two-way transfer, english­-speaking guide, admission tickets to the national parks, lunch.

*We have no English speaking group. We can join you to a mixed group with Russian guide. He will speak about the important moments in English and will answer your questions if you have any.

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