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Pattaya, Thailand
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Beauty territory

A perfect combination of pleasure for your soul and healthy benefit for your body. You have a unique chance to experience magnificent face and body treatment programs which have got anti-stress, rejuvenation, rehabilitation and restoration effects.

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A special massage for body correcting with Gold Cream which is applied directly to a certain area which needs correcting (belly and waist, or thighs, or arms, etc.) 100 gr of cream is massaged into the problem area during one hour.

Then follows energetic full-body lymph drainage massage which stimulates all the muscles of the body. One massage session has a similar effect to the effect after working out in a gym during one month. After this treatment you might have some blue marks on your body.

About Gold Shape cream:

The cream is put forward to registering in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most effective treatment for safe weight loss in the world today. Intensive slimming massage improves lymph drainage process, reduces swelling, strengthens venous wall, helps clean body from toxins, regulates fat metabolism.

The main component of Gold Shape cream is Super-Hi-Sol - a formula from garcinia pollen which has been used in Thai medicine as a powerful fat burner for several centuries. It also features other plant components - Ginkgo biloba, capsicum and ginger.

Lasts: 2 hours 45 minutes.

Price: 3850 THB.

Oriental Pleasure

The most popular “journey” to serenity with the usage of ancient oriental methods for body and face care. Sauna.

You can choose a body scrub from our wide selection - mango, coconut, papaya, lime and lemongrass, pink grapefruit, pineapple, jasmine rice, oriental tea, chocolate, red wine, etc. Exotic body wrap has a deep rejuvenating effect and makes the skin resilient, bright and healthy. Wonderful massage and face care with natural ginseng.

Lasts: 3 hours.

Price: 3850 THB.

Royal Four-Hand Massage

Tandem of two masseurs.

This treatment is specially created for pampering your body and brighten up your senses. It combines different massage techniques and offers a nice opportunity to try them during one session. Relaxing aroma massage with tropical oils satiates skin pores with fruit elixir making the skin resilient and smooth. House healing massage with hot compresses and herbal balm.

Restoring face massage with natural ginseng.

Lasts: 3 hours.

Price: 4900 THB.

Ocean Bliss

Oriental rituals for rejuvenation and relaxation.

Jacuzzi with sea water in the open air. Sauna.

Careful body cleansing with kelp and green tea scrub (cleansing is included only in the first session of the course).

Gentle body wrap sheet made of Caulerpa lentillifera - sea grapes, or green caviar - neutralizes toxins, fights flab and activates processes of cell restoring.

Energetic full-body massage with tropical pineapple oil.

Face treatment with exotic mix of ginseng and spirulina.

Lasts: 3 hours.

Price: 4480 THB.

Secret Luxury of Siam

Not everyone can afford to open up the mysteries of the Siamese magnificence, but those who are ready will learn the secrets of royal persons’ wellness and experience delicate care and ultimate pleasure. Sauna.

While you are relaxing in jacuzzi, we will reveal some Thai secrets of beauty and health. Body cleansing with exotic freshly made papaya, pineapple and mango scrub. Tropical body wrap and luxury massage with hot herbs and fruit oils will bring full harmony and balance. An ancient Thai ritual of health, happiness and kindness completes the treatment. It fixes the achieved results at the aura level and leaves pleasant memories and positive energy.

Lasts: 4 hours.

Price: 15000 THB for 2 people.

7 Spa in Pattaya

Healing Power of Herbs

Healing full-body massage with hot herbal compresses. The herbal compresses consist of a mixture of herbs, flowers, roots and fruits.

Lasts: 2 hours.

Price: 1540 THB.

Foot massage

Traditional foot massage. Reflexology techniques help to restore the lost inner balance, reduce stress and fatigue.

Lasts: 2 hours.

Price: 880 THB.

Tropical Breeze


Preparing skin for sunbathing and restoring skin after sun. Gentle coconut scrub gently peels off dry skin. It polishes skin for getting beautiful and long-lasting suntan. If the sunburn is strong, the scrub and sauna are replaced with a special cooling treatment.

Aloe Vera mask with cooling effect is natural treatment for irritated and sunburnt skin.

A wonderful massage with natural coconut and mango oil.

And the final stage - gentle wrapping with smooth coconut and mango serum - a pleasant relief from the permanent heat of the tropics.

Lasts: 2 hours 30 minutes.

Price: 3190 THB.

Botanic Relax

Full relaxation in the tropics.

Relaxing in jacuzzi with pandan leaves.

Pandan leaves help treat sunburns and detox skin. Pandan leaves have a painkilling effect, help relieve headaches, backaches, effective for arthritis and rheumatism.

Full-body freshly made moisturising organic scrub from black rice and tamarind.

A deep massage of the whole muscle zones with warm tropical papaya oil. Facial treatment with natural ginseng.

Lasts: 3 hours (without facial treatment).

Price: 4800 THB.

Lasts: 3 hours 30 minutes (with facial treatment).

Price: 5600 THB.

Japanese porcelain

Whitening and brightening effect for all body skin. Sauna.

Body peeling on the basis of Thai jasmine rice, turmeric and cane sugar cleanses, moisturises and naturally whitens your skin.

Then follows a luxury body mask made of a mixture of green and white clay, tamarind and other natural ingredients that give whitening effect. They have been used in Thailand for centuries.

A massage for restoring energy with natural oils of pink grapefruit and bergamot or lime and lemon herb. The result - healthy bright shiny and smooth skin - like Japanese porcelain.

Lasts: 3 hours.

Price: 3550 THB.

Health Harmony

A unique combination of several kinds of massages and a special reflexology technique with herbal balms made on the basis of ancient recipes.

Good for people who suffer from spine diseases and backaches.

The therapist uses a special massage technique and stimulates the muscles of back, neck and spine, smoothes and evens the twisted muscles in the problem zones. The magic power of Thai healing herbs - lemongrass, bergamot, turmeric, prai, pandan leaves, kaffir lime - help restore the health.

We highly recommend to have a course of this massage.

Lasts: 2 hours 30 minutes.

Price: 2750 THB.

Individual “tuning” of the body

Performed by specially qualified therapists. You need to sign for an appointment in advance. Sauna.

Recommended for men, prevention and treatment of prostatitis. Increases sexual energy.

A serious therapeutic treatment, created for the correction of the work of internal organs.

Recommended to have the treatment on an empty stomach.

We recommend to have a course of this massage.

Lasts: 2 hours.

Price: 3300 THB.

Healthy back

Jacuzzi with sea water under the open sky. Sauna.

Healing and relaxing effect for people who suffer from spine diseases and back problems, The therapist uses a special massage technique and relaxes the back, neck and spine muscles, smoothes and evens the twisted muscles in the problem zones.

The magic power of Thai healing herbs - lemongrass, bergamot, turmeric, prai, pandan leaves, kaffir lime - also help restore your health.

Lasts: 2 hours 30 minutes.

Price: 2750 THB.

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Transfers available: 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

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Dear team
I had a wonderful experience with 7 spa .
It is a great pleasure to inform you that the professional approach and the hospitality was really awesome.
Especially the person who was handling me was good in attitude and benchmark for customer satisfaction.
Her name is Miss.Matchuporn ...
Have a nice day and will meet together on next holidays


Hello Dr.Yakub, we are very happy that you liked everything. Waiting for you more!

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