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Popular resorts in Thailand


Popular resorts in Thailand: advantages and disadvantages

Thailand has been attracting tourists for many years with its warm climate, exotic nature and the hospitality of local people. The numerous cities and resorts of Thailand became famous and popular among millions of travelers from different countries. In this article we will review the best resorts in Thailand, give their description and tell about its advantages and disadvantages.



Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and the main resort of the Kingdom. This city has everything you need for an active and interesting holiday. The capital is famous for a large number of historical attractions, tours, entertainment programs, shops, markets and shopping centers. Shopping is one of the main activities in Bangkok. Here you can buy clothes, shoes and various souvenirs at affordable prices at any time of the day.

There are also no problems with accommodation due to the large selection of hotels with different prices. Prices for food and entertainments in Bangkok are slightly lower than on the islands of the Kingdom.

But the traffic here is very busy with big traffic jams. Bangkok is like a "stone jungle" without beaches and tropical plants. Fans of beach holiday or wildlife should choose other resorts.


As for Phuket, this paradise island is full of snow-white sandy beaches with clear water. The local nature pleases the eye, the island has many national parks, Cheo Lan Lake, plantations of coconuts and fruits. Besides the natural beauties, there are many historical sights and various educational tours in Phuket. There are ideal conditions for diving, snorkeling and other water activities on the nearby islands. Phuket is very popular with tourists and has all the necessary infrastructure. The international airport of Phuket accepts flights from a large number of cities and countries.

However, during the tourist season the island is very crowded and prices are higher than in other resorts.

Koh Samui

Those who want to admire the wild nature and sunbathe at the beaches can go to Koh Samui. This is a relatively young resort, the main feature of which is wild nature untouched by the civilization. Local landscapes and waterfalls amaze with its beauty. Historical and religious sights are also very interesting here.

The island with its sandy beaches and clear water is an ideal place for a family holiday. There are no crowds of tourists and noisy bars or cafes so it will be boring here for the company of young tourists.


If the civilization and entertainments are more important for you, you can go to Pattaya. There is everything for an exciting holiday: shopping centers, bars, clubs, restaurants, spas, shops, as well as temples and sightseeing tours. All kinds of entertainment are waiting for you, including extreme activities and quiet family holiday. Nightlife in Pattaya always boils, loud music is playing everywhere after the sunset.

The seawater in the city coastline is not very clean, it is better to go to the beaches of neighboring islands. It is quite difficult to find a quiet secluded place in Pattaya, noise and fun are everywhere. Beautiful nature and exotic plants can be found only outside the city.


The province of Krabi is situated on the mainland of the Kingdom and is surrounded by more than a hundred small nearby islands. There is everything for ecotourism - tropical forests, steep cliffs, caves and clear water. You can do climbing, snorkeling, diving or just fishing. If you want to enjoy the wild nature away from civilization, then Krabi is perfect for you.

Be sure that noisy nightlife, shopping centers and crowds of tourists will not bother you.

Ko Chang

The small island of Koh Chang has a few sandy beaches with azure shore. There is an atmosphere of relaxation and calmness on the island without noise and disco parties. Prices on the island are quite low, tourists rent small bungalows or comfortable cottages at the coast. You can get to Koh Chang quickly and inexpensively from Bangkok or Pattaya. There are almost no sights and tours, so fans of shopping and nightlife will be bored here.

Of course, when choosing a resort in Thailand for visiting, each traveler is guided by his preferences and tastes. This amazing country combines wildlife, sandy beaches, noisy parties and quiet secluded places. Everyone who has visited Thailand at least once will have a desire to come back again.

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