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Where can I see monkeys in Pattaya?


Where can I see monkeys in Pattaya?

Thailand is a tropical paradise with many beautiful and exotic animals. Monkeys in Pattaya are especially popular among tourists because of their friendliness and cute appearance. There are some special places in the resort where you can feed these little animals and take a photo with them. In our article we will tell where to find monkeys in Pattaya and how to communicate with them.

Monkey Mountain - Khao Sam Muk

There is a special mountain not far from Pattaya, where hundreds of monkeys live quite comfortably. You can get to the place by yourself on a rented transport or by ordering a tour, which includes a visit to the mountain. Khao Sam Muk is located near a small town of Saen Suk not far from Pattaya. Anyone can visit the mountain at any time of the day absolutely free.

Macaques occupy the whole mountain, so you will not have to search for a monkey for a long time. These monkeys got used to tourists and are happy to accept, and sometimes take away, food from their hands. Sellers of baskets with food for monkeys are constantly working near the mountain. They mainly sell corn, bananas and other fruits and vegetables. There are several viewpoints at the mountain where you can feed monkeys and take beautiful photos. After feeding monkeys, you can visit the local Chinese temples at the foot of the mountain, which will amaze you with their beauty. By the way, you can also meet monkeys at the entrance to the temples.

Monkey Island

There is an unusual Monkey Island in the Siam Gulf, the official name of which is Pet Island or Ling Island. The island received its unofficial name thanks to its numerous inhabitants - the crab-eating macaques. A small area of island, surrounded by water and covered with impassable jungles, is inhabited only by macaques. That is why this place is so loved by tourists. According to one version, monkeys appeared on the island at the end of the 70s. At that time, there were scientists from the US military who were breeding gibbons to make experiments on them. When such experiments were forbidden, all animals were released into the wild. Since then about 2000 monkeys have lived on the island.

During the tourist season, animals are fed by travelers during tours, and for the rest of the year local residents and the Royal Thai Navy do this. Over the years, the macaques got used to their guests and when noticing a boat sailing in the horizon, they immediately run out to meet their visitors. The bravest monkeys even rush into the water to be the first to get a treat. You can get to the island with one of the tours (such as Serenity, Buccabu) or rent a boat from the pier in Pattaya. And do not forget to bring treats for monkeys, which they are waiting for. Macaques eat nuts, fruits, bananas, and their favorite delicacy is watermelon.

How to behave with monkeys?

Despite the fact that monkeys are very cute and friendly creatures, do not forget that they are wild animals and you should strictly follow the rules of behavior with them.

First, try not to smile when you are in contact with monkeys, as they can take your smile for an aggressive grin and give a backlash. Secondly, immediately release the food from the hands during feeding, do not try to hold it. Otherwise the macaque can bite you to get the treat.

Be careful, as animals can take away a bottle of water, glasses or other things that they see in your hands. Even if something was taken away from you, you should not resist. If the thing turns out to be uninteresting for a monkey, it will immediately throw it away. Do not show the whole package or basket with treats, otherwise the monkeys will want to take it away. Do not tease the animals and do not come too close to them. Keep calm and do not show your fear or other strong emotions.

And remember, if you are bitten or scratched by a monkey, you should immediately visit a doctor, as macaques can be carriers of many infections and diseases.

By following these simple rules, you can see different monkeys in Pattaya and feed them without negative consequences. These cute creatures will forever win your heart and give you many positive emotions.

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