Coral Islands Koh Sak and Koh Khrok Near Pattaya


The nearest islands to Pattaya besides Koh Larn are Koh Khrok and Koh Sak.

Koh Sak

On the map 600 m to the south of Koh Larn and 10 km to the west of Pattaya you can see an island in the shape of a horseshoe – this is Koh Sak.

Koh Sak island has mostly mountain relief and rocky shores. There are two main beaches on the island - in the north and in the south. They are 250 m and 80 m long accordingly.

Koh Sak attracts divers and snorkeling lovers in the first place. Due to its “horseshoe” shape the island has a bay with quiet and clear water protected from the winds. In the south of the island there is a coral reef stretching along the seashore where you can see many colorful fish, moray fish, turtles and other interesting sea creatures. This place is suitable for both professional and beginning divers and as there is no strong current.

For those who are not interested in scuba diving there is a wonderful opportunity to see coral reefs out of a porthole of a submarine.

Koh Krok

Koh Khrok is situated 8 km away from Pattaya to the right of Koh Larn. The eastern part of the island has a flatter shore with white sand – this is where the only beach is. Its length is 100 m. Along the western and south parts of the island lie forbidding rocks.

Koh Krok is famous for its talented carving masters who live in Ang Sila which used to be a fishing village. Here you can get unusual souvenirs – carved stone figures.

Do you dream of swimming among bright colorful corals? Then you should definitely visit Koh Khrok! Along the rocky shores in the western part of the island, 3–4 m deep under water stertches a coral reef studded with hundreds and even thousands of sea anemones which look like colorful sea flowers.

Koh Khrok and Koh Sak are perfect places for diving, snorkeling, fishing and quiet beach rest. Unlike Koh Larn with its noisy beaches and crowds of tourists, these islands are almost inhabited, with fewer people. There is no developed infrastructure in Koh Khrok and Koh Sak – only a couple of cafes and bungalows.

To travel to Koh Sak and Koh Khrok you need to rent a speed boat at Bali Hai Pier. Unfortunately, there are no ferries to Koh Sak or Koh Khrok. It is also possible to take one of the sea tours or a diving tour to visit these islands.

If you are travelling to Koh Krok and Koh Sak, do not forget to bring your photocamera for underwater shooting to get pictiures of unbelievably beautiful sea flora and fauna!

Tyler   (21.04.2020 10:42)
I love diving, I think it is very good to dive here. As if in Pattaya, I’ll definitely come to these islands

Mr happy   (24.12.2019 20:04)
Koh sak is garbage island with burn pits burning plastic both sides trash everywhere in out of water i youtube now for greta partys over mafia mofos.krok island crokofshit.thaimonsantos.

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