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Authentic floating market in Pattaya


Authentic floating market in Pattaya

Shopping is one of the most popular entertainments in Pattaya, because here you can buy quality goods at affordable prices. In local markets you can plunge into the Thai flavor with its bright colors, tastes and sensations. The floating market in Pattaya is a unique place which can be considered one of the city sights. This is the largest water market in the world, which was opened in 2008. Traders come here from all over Thailand, and in the tourist season even representatives from neighboring countries trade here. In our article we will tell what can you buy at the floating market and how to get there.

Entertainments at the floating market

The vast territory of the Market (an area is about 100 thousand km2) is divided into 4 zones dedicated to different regions of the Kingdom. Visitors can walk through the market along numerous bridges or travel by boat along the canals. All vendor tents, shops and cafes are built in traditional Thai style, they are built on piles and float on the water. The market looks like a fishing village, which once was Pattaya many years ago. In addition to the cute houses, the nice atmosphere of the market is complemented by mills, fountains, statues and animal figures. There is also everything for comfortable shopping including ATMs, signs and even a cinema.

Floating market is often chosen for mass festivals and holidays. So, here you can participate in a grand event. Thai artists often exhibit their works here, dancers show their performances and Thai boxing fights. Guests of the market can visit the Temple of the Indian God, try the Thai massage or fly on a cable over the lake.

Which goods are sold at the market?

There are more than a hundred vendor tents with various goods: clothing, shoes, jewelry, products, natural medicines and many others. But the most popular goods are souvenirs. Here you can buy unique handmade products from Thai masters such as figurines, vases, household goods and so on. Tents with food are also popular as there you can try delicious national dishes of Thai cuisine. There are nice cafes at the markets where visitors sit right on the floor on a rug at a large table. Large companies of tourists can take a separate table and enjoy the food.

Prices for vegetables, fruits, clothes and shoes are lower than in supermarkets. Prices for souvenirs are higher as this place is very popular among tourists.

How to get there

The Floating Market Pattaya is located on Chonburi Street in Banglamung District (about 1.5 kilometers from Pattaya). You can get there by tuk-tuk, taxi or book a tour. The main landmark is a large ship at the entrance and a sign with the name of the market. The market is open every day from 10 am to 9 pm. The entrance ticket costs 200 baht.

A trip to the floating market will be a “little adventure” that will give you a lot of positive emotions. It is also a great opportunity to buy presents and souvenirs for your friends and family.

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