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The best souvenirs from Pattaya


The most popular and interesting souvenirs

Almost everyone wants to bring some souvenirs or gifts to their relatives and friends from vacation. People want to take with them a piece of this magical place that will keep pleasant memories for years. Local shops and markets offer a huge choice of souvenirs and products. Everyone wants to buy something special and useful in Pattaya. The most popular and interesting souvenirs and gifts from Pattaya are given below.


Perhaps jewelry is the best gift from Pattaya. Since ancient times Thailand has been famous for its precious stones, skills of jewelers and exclusive design. The Thais mine emeralds, diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Local masters use only the best stones of bright color. So the Thai jewelry is considered to be one of the best in the world.

It is better to buy jewelry in the certified stores (e.g. Gems Gallery and World Gems Collection in Pattaya), so that to be sure of the authenticity of products and get a certificate of lifetime warranty. There you can buy a unique product at a good price and watch the process of its creation. Competent and experienced shop assistants that work in local factories provide an excellent service. The stores have got a wide range of earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and broches.

You can also buy cheaper silver or pearl jewelry. The extraction of silver and pearls is well developed in Thailand and local jewelry is very beautiful and high-quality. You can buy silver cutlery, boxes, knives, cups, vases and other things.

Thai cosmetics

Thai cosmetics are very effective and hypoallergenic due to its 100% natural contents. So a cosmetic set from Thailand will be the best present for any woman. Moreover, the cost of natural cosmetics in Thailand is much lower than in other countries. It is sold everywhere in Pattaya: in the markets, shops and supermarkets. Fans of luxury cosmetics can go shopping to VitaMax pharmacy where they can get products with natural Korean ingredients. Korean cosmetic has a large selection of anti-aging lines and nourishing creams. Consultants will listen to your problems and help you choose suitable products. Here you can buy the cosmetics on the base of black caviar, snail mucus, oxygen saturation, pearls, and various herbs and seeds.

Leather goods

You can take products made of genuine leather as the souvenirs from Thailand. Here you can buy products from the skin of exotic animals, such as snakes or crocodiles. It will be better to buy leather goods in large stores with a good reputation so that to be sure of the high quality of products.

For example, you can visit the Toscano store. Toscano is an Italian brand of high-quality leather goods. Most products are made of the skin of a young lamb. The most modern technologies are used in the production, including sawing and painting the leather with a laser. All leather is water-repellent. A few thousands of leather and fur goods are gathered in the Toscano store. The store also has a hall for VIP-customers with the unique luxury products.

Thai spices

It is impossible to imagine Thai cuisine without spices. If you buy them, you will definitely take a piece of local flavor with you. The richness of the local flora allows to produce a huge number of different spices, which give a unique taste to any dish. The Asian spice garden is the best place for spice shopping. There you will find the Museum of spices, the store of spices and Botanical garden. Here you can learn the history and the process of spice production.

Handicraft products

Handicraft skills have been developing in Thailand for a long time. The works of local masters amaze with their diversity and quality. Products made of wood, metal, ceramic, fabric and other materials are sold in the gift shops. The most exotic and unique crafts of village masters are presented at the local markets. The most popular Souvenirs from Pattaya are wooden masks and panels, boxes with "secret" and ceramic statuettes. All these products, as well as teas, leather goods, clothing and much more can be bought in the Lukdod Gift Shop. Shopping in Lukdod guarantees that you will buy original and wonderful gifts for your friends and relatives.

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