How is Coronation day celebrated in Pattaya?


Respect traditions

One of the brightest and beloved by the Thais holidays is Coronation day of Rama IX, which has been celebrated annually on the 5th May since 1950. The Thais respect and revere the King and the royal family, so they celebrate the day when the King's coronation took place.

In honor of the holiday the streets are decorated with yellow flags and portraits of the King. The main events take place in the capital of Thailand - Bangkok, but in Pattaya locals also like to celebrate this holiday. Beginning on the 3rd May, the Thais make offerings to monks and perform festive rituals named "Tham Boone" to honor the memory of the relatives of the King. Closer to the evening the streets are filled with festive processions and merry parties. The ceremony ends with magnificent fireworks.

History of the holiday

King of Thailand Phumipon Adulyadej was crowned on the 5th May in 1950. At that time the young monarch was only 18 years old and it was hard to imagine that he was destined to become the most revered ruler of the Kingdom.

Phumipon Adulyadej was born on the 5th December in 1929 in the American town of Cambridge. In those days the current Thai king was Pratchatkhipok and his sons were the next in their turn to take the throne. Also, his father, Prince Mahidol Songl, and his elder brother, Prince Ananda Mahidol, pretended to the crown.

However, Pratchatkhipoka renounced the throne, his father and elder brother were killed and the young Phumipon Adulyadet became the ninth ruler of the Chakri dynasty. Rama IX was crowned a week after his marriage to Mom Rachavong Sirikit Kittiyakara - the daughter of the Ambassador of Thailand in France.

During the coronation the new king promised to rule fairly and to serve the Siamese people. And the King kept his promise, proving his faithfulness and love for his people by his actions The Thais also love their King. Rama IX was always the mainstay and core of Thai society and he never participated in regular political quarrels in the country.

Bruce   (22.04.2020 14:41)
It seems that this was a grandiose event, unfortunately I did not see it.

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