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Dangers for tourists in Pattaya


Dangers for tourists in Pattaya

Many travelers, arriving in Thailand, relax under the warm sunshine, enjoy the beautiful nature and sometimes forget about caution. Despite the fact that the Thais are very friendly people and the crime rate is much lower here than in other countries, there are possible cases of theft or fraud. Deception of tourists in Pattaya is an unpleasant experience, which proves that in certain places and situations you need to be vigilant. In our article we will tell about dangerous places in Pattaya and situations which are better be avoided.

Motorbike thieves

The victims of such theft are tourists who walk along the road. Thieves on motorbikes can drive up very close, pull off a bag from a shoulder or tear a chain from a neck and quickly rush off. One more example is when the tuk-tuk stops at a traffic light, motorcycle thieves drive up close, pull bags and leave. So you should be careful when you are near the roadway and it is better not to carry passports and valuables in bags.

Home Theft

There are cases when robbers get into houses that are located in Thai villages with bad security systems. If there are no video surveillance cameras in the village and there are loopholes in the guard points, then staying at such place is not safe. Large sums of money and jewelry are safer to keep in safes or bank cells.

Frauds with renting expensive motorcycles

Quite often, tourists may have problems when renting jet skis on the beaches. The fraud scheme is very simple: after you ride a motorbike, the owner is pointing to a scratch (which most likely was already there) and is actively demanding compensation. This raises a big hype and many visitors who do not want to spoil their holidays, silently give the requested sum.

The same scheme occurs when tourists rent expensive motorbikes on the beach streets. So you should be especially vigilant when renting a vehicle and choose reliable firms.

Bank Card Fraud

Sometimes thieves can be especially creative. One of the examples of bank card fraud can be found in the buses of night intercity races which move from the airport. Travelers just arrived and carry large sums of money with them, fraudsters choose their victim among them. When a person falls asleep, the thief pulls out his bank cards, money, and gets off the bus. Then the scammer, along with his accomplice, who meets him by car, move to the nearest electronics store and spend all money from bank cards. The robbed person can detect the disappearance at night on the way or only in the morning, but can’t do anything.

Taxi drivers tricks

Taxi drivers can also be creative for their own benefit. For example, be careful when paying for the trip. There are cases when a taxi driver drops a passenger in a hurry(for example, at a traffic light under the buzz of other cars). The passenger pays and is going to get out, but then the driver declares that the sum is incomplete. Many travelers think that they really confused unfamiliar banknotes. In fact, the taxi driver took the opportunity and changed the money.

Taxi drivers also often say that some sight is closed and offer you to arrange a unique tour of other places. You should not believe the driver and say that you still want to go in the indicated direction.

Selling drugs

Remember that the distribution and use of drugs is punishable by death in Thailand. Local scammers can offer foreigners to buy some illegal drug and, if someone agrees, they immediately hand them over to the police for a fee. It is better to avoid contact with suspicious individuals.

But do not worry much about your vacation in Pattaya. Simple precautionary measures will help you to have a great time and nothing will spoil your holiday.

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