Fish Market in Pattaya


Ready-made Thai dishes

Everyone who visits Thailand must definitely taste the national cuisine including exotic fruits and a variety of seafood. The best place where you can buy sea delicacies is the fish market in Pattaya. Naklua Fish Market, or Lanpho Nakluea, was named in honor of the Naklua district, where the fish market is located.

Here you will find a wide assortment of the freshest seafood. There is a dock with numerous fishing boats nearby and local fishermen sell their catch on the market.

So the products do not stay on thestalls for a long time. The market is very popular among local residents but tourists can also come here. There are also tents for cooking products where your sea food can be fried or baked and packed in a special container so that you can easily take your food and enjoy it in your hotel room, in the park or on the beach. All cooking tents are situated at the beginning of the market and their services cost 100 baht.

Assortment and prices

The fish market is full of products, including rare and exotic seafood, which can become a new gastronomic discovery for many travelers. Here you can buy different kinds of fish, lobsters, squid, shrimp, crab, octopus, cuttlefish, mussels, snails of all kinds and sizes. Even the most demanding gourmand will find something to eat. Besides seafood, vegetables, fruits, various spices and sauces, ready-made Thai dishes, soups, salads are also sold here.

If we talk about the assortment of goods in the fish market and prices, the ratio of quality and cost is very profitable. The price level is not too different from the prices in shops and supermarkets, but for the same money you buy not frozen products with ice, but fresh seafood. The prices for products during the 2018 season will be the following:

• prawns will cost from 180 baht, tiger prawns will cost from 350 baht;

• Crabs will cost from 180 baht, mussels will cost from 40 baht;

• Snails and seashells will cost from 110 baht, fish will cost from 50-100 baht and more.

How to get to the market?

Fans of seafood can get to the market by taxi, rented bike or car or public transport. You should move towards the Naklua beach. If you go by taxi, it is enough to say to the driver "Naklua Market" and he will take you to your destination.

It is also possible to get to the market by songteo which goes by the Naklua Street. The market is located on the left side of the street.

The market is opened from early morning to about 6 p.m. It is better to come here for shopping at dinner time. A new portion of fresh products will be waiting for you on the shelves and the market won’t be so crowded at this time.

You should choose comfortable footwear and clothes to visit the fish market, because water is running off from many stalls and there is a characteristic fishy smell in the air.

Thelonious   (12.04.2020 13:25)
A very colorful place, we walked there and tried delicacies, we didn’t cook ourselves. Large selection of seafood and more.

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