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5 reasons to go from Pattaya to Bangkok


The capital of the land of smiles

Bangkok is an incredible city which combines luxury shopping centers and poor ramshackle houses. Here you can enjoy cheap local street food or visit expensive restaurant. For example, you can buy pancakes which cost 40 baht in Pattaya for 20 baht in Bangkok. You will not be hungry in this city for sure because the food is sold everywhere, including fruits, soups, salads, shish kebabs and other delicacies. There are a lot of people in the city, but they are very polite and can even smile if they accidentally hit you.

The short distance between Pattaya and Bangkok (only 149 km) gives an opportunity for many tourists to have a great time in these two resorts. The route between these cities is very popular, so it's easy to get to the destination. The cheapest trip will be by any of buses that depart regularly from the North Bus Station in Pattaya. There are also two convenient ways to get from Pattaya to Bangkok at night or any other time of the day – to book a taxi or a transfer. You can pay 450 baht and you will be taken from the hotel in Pattaya and transferred to a big bus which will take you straight to the capital. Time of transfer: 9:00 a.m., 01:00 p.m. and 07:00 p.m.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, which contains the most interesting and diverse attractions in the Kingdom. A trip to Bangkok from Pattaya will add to your vacation bright colors and ​​impressions. In this article we will give five main reasons and describe interesting places that you should visit in Bangkok.

The first reason: a unique architecture

The Royal Palace is №1 mostly visited place of the capital of the Kingdom. This huge Royal complex of traditional Thai architecture occupies an area of ​​218 thousand square meters and includes several palaces and pagodas. The palaces are decorated with bright frescoes which tell about the reign of Rama the First. Walking along the complex will dip you into history and give you an unforgettable experience.

The Vimanmek Palace is another unique creation of architecture in Bangkok. The palace is the largest building in the world which is built of wood without using a single nail. Numerous rooms present unique exhibits such as antique porcelain, furniture, hunting trophies and much more. The palace is surrounded by a picturesque park and pond.

The second reason: religious objects

The most famous “Morning dawn" Temple is located in Bangkok. The complex received its name because of its beautiful transformation at dawn. Religious ceremonies are held here nowadays. The most valuable relics of Buddhism are kept in Phra Bang Stupa on the territory of the temple, which is 79 meters high.The Stupa and other buildings of the complex are decorated with fine porcelain, which, according to the legend, was extracted from the bottom of the Chao Phraya River. You can visit light shows which are organized here in the evening and learn about the story of the temple. And from the highest point of the complex opens a beautiful view of the whole city.

One of the oldest temples in Bangkok is the Temple of Reclining Buddha, which is known all over the world for its 46-meter Buddha statue. Travelers from all over the world come here to make a "circle of honor" and leave a coin at the feet of the statue. There is a large number of beautiful stupas, statues and stone structure on the territory of the temple complex.

The third reason: shopping

Bangkok is a unique combination of ancient religious buildings and modern complexes. A large number of shopping centers make this city an ideal place for shopping. In Siam Center, Siam Paragon and Central World and other shopping centers you will find shops of famous brands, cinemas, restaurants and bars, as well as a lot of entertainment. There is even an oceanarium in Siam Paragon, where you can not only see, but also swim with the sea inhabitants.

More exotic shopping is available in the market of amulets. As you know, the Thais believe in the power of talismans and amulets. Here you can buy all kinds of talismans, statuettes of gods and drugs that will give you happiness, health, wealth and even love. A nice feature of local shopping is that sellers are not intrusive, because they believe that every buyer should "feel" his talisman himself.

Another interesting place for shopping is Chatuchak market. This weekend market works only on Saturdays and Sundays. Here you can buy handmade products from all over Thailand. Fantastic wooden souvenirs, shoes, clothes, leather bracelets, bags, wallets, hats and other goods are sold here. And do not forget to try the local food!

The fourth reason: museums with ancient exhibits

Suan-Pakkad Palace-Museum comprises a valuable collection of ancient exhibits, including weapons, tools, jewelry, musical instruments and traditional Thai masks "Hon". Some exhibits have already turned more than 4,000 years old. Ancient things can be seen here even outside the museum. In the local Japanese style garden there is an ancient pavilion older than 450 years which is covered with gold and varnish of black color.

The Royal Boat Museum features unique vessels of the Thai Navy, including 8 royal barges. Each boat is decorated with carvings, images and figures of gods in bright and gold colors. Many years ago these ships served as a transport for the Royal people during various ceremonies. Now you can see this masterpiece on the water only during the Kakhtin Royal procession, which is traditionally held in November-December.

Fifth reason: night entertainments

Bangkok is famous throughout the world for its active nightlife. The center of night entertainment is situated in the most democratic street in the world - Khao San Road. With sunset Khao San becomes a center of entertainment with crowds of tourists. Loud cheerful music and speech in different languages ​​are heard everywhere. Even a simple walk along the street and delicious street food will give unforgettable impressions.

And this is not a complete list of reasons for visiting Bangkok. A tour to the official and tourist capital of Thailand will add new colors and impressions to your vacation. A variety of interesting tours to Bangkok is presented at our website.

Brandon   (15.04.2020 16:46)
We traveled to Bangkok to visit the largest tower. The tour program was amazing and the city looked and dinner was in the tower, cool.

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