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Fruity Pattaya


Due to the tropical climate, Thailand is one of the largest exporters of coconut and bananas all over the world. However, this is not a complete list of fruits available for tourists in Pattaya.

Different provinces of Thailand specialize in the cultivation of different fruits. For example, a durian, the most controversial fruit with specific smell, is widely grown in Trat Province which is 200 km to the south of Pattaya. Krabi Province is specialized in cultivation of pineapples and Koh Samui (Surat Thani Province) - coconuts. Chonburi Province, where Pattaya is located, has a developed machine-building industry, however, it is also abundant with fruits which are delivered from the neighbouring provinces.

On some tours, guides tell in details about Thai fruits. Some tours involve visits to orchads and fruit shops, for example, see Discovery tour. In this article we will describe truly exotic fruits of Thailand not paying attention to pineapples, bananas, watermelons and melons which are familiar to almost everyone.

 Fruits in Pattaya


A durian is a large fruit with a weight of up to 2-3 kg, covered with thick skin with spikes. Inside there is milky white pulp with sweet creamy taste.

A durian is considered to be a delicasy meal. This is one of the most expensive fruits in Thailand - the prices for 1 kg vary from 70 to 200 THB depending on the sort. Those who try and appreciate this fruit, become its fans. However, it is not recommended to have it in big amounts and in combination with alcohol, because it can cause high temperature and hallucinations. It is said that a mangosteen helps to knock down the fever after eating too much durian.


A mangosteen is a dark purple fruit with thick skin of a size of a tomato. Inside there is a sweet tasty pulp in the form of garlic cloves. The price for 1 kg is 80-100 THB and 50-60 THB during the hot season. Due to its pleasant smell and moisturizing properties a mangosteen is widely used in cosmetology. Its extracts are added to creams and masks. You can also find deodorants, shampoos and shower gels with the mangosteen flavour.


A mango is one of the favourite fruits among tourists. It is undoubtely delicious. In fruit shops and at the markets you can get ripe and soft fruits as well as green and hard ones. The latters have a slight taste of pine needles, but they are easier to transport. A ripe mango has a wonderful delicious smell and truly sweet tropical taste. The price for 1 kg is from 50 to 100 THB depending on the season and the condition of fruits.

Dragon fruit and Carambola

A dragon fruit and carambola are the most exotic and beautiful fruits. However, they have a very light taste, that is why most tourists that try it often feel disappointed. Dragon fruit is covered with pink scales, inside there is a white or pink pulp with black seeds. Its texture is similar ko kiwi’s, the fruit has a light sweet taste. Carambola is a green and yellow fruit with smooth skin. Its texture is similar to a sweet pepper. The fruit has a sour taste, sometimes it can seem tasteless. Carambola has an usual shape in the section - a form of a star, that is why it is also called a starfruit. It can be used for decorating dishes. The price for 1 kg is 80-100 THB which is not worth its taste. However, if used for decorating purposes, it can make even the simple dishes look extraordinary and exotic.


A longan looks like big grapes covered with thick skin. Inside there is a sweet and sour white pulp with fragrant taste. It can have a slight smell of musk.

Lychee (lizhi)

A lychee is a very juicy fruit adored by Thai people and tourists. It has a nice sweet and sour taste which is difficult to compare to anything. The skin is bumpy dark red, easily peeled. Lychee is used to produce delicious wines and honey.


A rambutan is an exotic hairy fruit in the size of a plum. Inside there is a juicy pulp, its taste reminds the taste of grapes. The price for 1 kg in Pattaya is 50-60 THB.


A salacca has quite small fruits covered with red brown scaly skin which reminds of snake’s skin, that is why the salacca is sometimes called a snake fruit. Inside there is a sweet delicious pulp which tastes like strawberry and has a slight smell of a valeriana.


Nojna, or a sugar apple, has a size of a usual apple. The fruit is of light green color with uneven bumpy skin and a creamy sweet pulp inside which you can eat with a spoon.


Papaya is a long green fruit with a bright orange pulp. Its sweet taste reminds a melon, but not as fragrant as the melon itself.

You can buy fruits in Pattaya at the markets and in big supermarkets. There you can also get a special busket for transporting fruits if you want to make an exotic fruity present for your family and friends.

We recommend not to eat a lot of fruits at once, because they are rich in fruit acids which can be bad for people with diseases of gastrointestinal tract. You can also have a fresh fruit smoothie which will be prepared instantly at the market. You can choose a combination of fruits for your smoothie. It is possible to buy fruits in Big C, Tesco Lotus and Makro. You will also find a great variety of fruits at the night markets. To get to the market or supermarket you can use a taxi service in Pattaya or go there by tuk tuk.

Raymond   (19.04.2020 13:04)
You can buy fruits everywhere, the choice of fruits is unlimited here and the prices are reasonable. We bought fruits at the market and supermarkets, and went to fruit plantations.

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