How to buy a cheap car in Pattaya and save money on taxi?


How to buy a cheap car in Pattaya?

Thailand is an amazing country and it’s almost impossible to explore all its beautiful places in a short period of time. That is why many tourists stay here for a longer period in order to enjoy the azure coast, warm sunny climate and ancient sights. The territory of the Kingdom is quite extensive and it is impossible to explore it without transport. Although there are several options such as public transport, transfers, taxis, transport rental, it is better to buy a car in Thailand for a long journey. Buying a car is quite a comfortable and profitable option, especially for those who rest in Pattaya, as taxi services are very expensive here. Anyone can buy a car in Thailand, you just need a passport, visa and Resident Certificate (certificate with the address of residence in Thailand, which can be obtained at any immigration office). Having prepared all the necessary documents and money, you can easily buy a new car. In our article we will tell where you can buy a car in Pattaya and how much it will cost.

Buying a new car in Pattaya

To buy a new car in Pattaya, you should go to the official car dealer. There are many official dealers of various automakers with profitable offers in Pattaya.

Buying a car in Thailand has its advantages: here you can bargain even at a fixed price. First, you can ask to arrange free insurance for a year. Secondly, you can ask to make window toning, this service will also be provided to you for free. If you specify the exact time when you can pay for the car, you may be offered an additional discount in the price as for the real buyer.

After paying money, you will get your car insurance and temporary number plate. Within 30 days you will receive official number plate and a sticker on the windshield, as evidence that you have paid all the necessary fees.

Purchase of used cars

If you need a cheaper car, you can buy a used car at an affordable price. You can choose a car at special websites with ads (for example, bahtsold.com), but it is better to see all of them with your own eyes. There are many parking lots and car sale shops between North Street and Jomtien on the Sukhumvit road. Here you can buy Japanese cars of 1994-1999 year of manufacture with high mileage which will cost 65 000-100 000 baht.

For the price 260-300,000 baht you can buy good Nissan, Ford, Mitsubishi or Toyota cars with mileage up to 50,000 km. The cost of the good cars with mileage up to 30 000 km starts from 400,000 baht.

To buy a used car you need copies of the documents and to pay part of the cost and you will get the keys. Within 7 days,the seller company employees will contact you and ask to come and get the documents. After receiving all the documents, you should pay the remaining part of the cost and become the official owner of the car.

Additional economy from buying a used car is that after a while, when the car is no longer needed (for example, you return to your homeland), you can sell it again at a lower price.

Buying a car will make your travel more comfortable and will give an opportunity to learn a lot about this magical country. Do not forget that there are dangerous descents and turns in Pattaya and its environs, so you need to be very careful when driving.

Oliver   (14.04.2020 12:18)
Thank you for your recommendations, we will definitely use your advice when buying a car.

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