How to endure a long flight?


How to endure a long flight?

A long flight is not a very pleasant, but a compulsory point of every travel. Even if you really like flying, a 8-10 hours flight can be a difficult experience. It is especially difficult to endure a long flight with children, so you should prepare in advance. In this article we will give some useful tips on the topic: "How to endure a long flight easily".

Preparation is very important!

If you have an opportunity you should book a comfortable seat on the plane in advance. For example, it will be more convenient to sleep near the window and places next to the toilet are the noisiest ones due to the constant walking of passengers.

It's worth to take care about snacks for you and your baby. You can see the menu at the airline's website in advance or read the reviews of other passengers. Some airline companies give an opportunity to order a special menu: vegetarian, kosher or any other. If the proposed menu does not suit you, it is better to buy food in advance. It is better to refrain from sharp and fatty foods during the flight.

The air is very dry on the airplane and it is better to drink clean water instead of tea or coffee to prevent dehydration. Drops for the eyes and moisturizing cream will be also useful.

It is better to choose comfortable clothes from natural fabrics without pressing and pricking fasteners, which will not cause discomfort during the flight. Experienced travelers advise to take light travel slippers and change shoes for them during the flight, so that not to sit in socks and closed shoes for 8 or more hours. And although most airlines give passengers blankets and pillows, it is better to take a warm jacket.

It's easier to endure long flights at night: you can get on the plane in the evening and wake up at the right place in 8-10 hours! It is worth to think about the comfort of sleep: for example, take your comfortable road cushion and blinkers. If you are flying with a child, you should prepare all the necessary attributes for his rest, for example, his favorite pillow or toy. In some airlines, you can pre-order a cradle for the baby.

Try not to take a lot of bags for hand luggage, so as not to take up much space. The best option is to put all things in one backpack that can be placed on the shelf.

Think about the fun for the flight. As a rule, airlines provide magazines and interactive screens, but the proposed choice of films may not be interesting for you. It's better to upload music and movies to your gadget in advance and take your headphones. At the airport you can buy new magazines and newspapers.

In order to not have laid ears during the flight you can eat some candies.

Also it is necessary to take all things to wash up and brush your teeth after a long flight.

Do not forget to move!

You must do some exercises, so that the blood could circulate well. During the whole flight you need to walk at least 3-4 times, stretch your neck and even make a pair of sit-ups.

Following these simple tips, it will be much easier to endure a long flight and enjoy the long-awaited vacation.

Daniel   (13.04.2020 14:05)
Well, to get to such a country, you can fly a little bit) The trick is to take a good mood with you.

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