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How to fill in a migration card?


Rules of filling in a migration card

Finally, the long-awaited vacation has come and you are flying to Pattaya to plunge into the Thai flavor and admire the beautiful sights. But before you cross the border and go in search of adventures, you will need to fill in a migration form at the airport. Filling in an entry card does not take much time, but you should pay attention to some nuances so that to prepare all the documents for passport control. In our article we will tell you where to get and how to fill in a migration card.

What is a Migration card?

A migration card is a special form which contains information about a foreigner who arrives to Thailand. To stay in Pattaya for a long time, you will need to apply for a visa. You can use the visa services provided by our service.

Migration cards are given out on board the plane during the flight. If for some reason you have not received the form or spoiled it, do not worry, you can easily find migration cards at the airport.

Which fields to fill in?

A card consists of two forms: an arrival card and a departure card. You will give an arrival card at passport control and a departure card will be taken away before departure. The completed departure card can also be checked on arrival at the hotel. The main thing is not to lose it during the holidays, otherwise there will be problems when departing from the country. You should carefully follow the dates of your stay in Thailand, if the deadlines are violated, then you have to pay a fine or even go to prison.

In arrival card you will need to fill in the following fields: Name and surname, your citizenship, gender, arrival flight number, passport series and number, date of birth, visa number, address where you plan to stay (hotel address) and your signature. All information you will find in the passport.

In the next part of the arrival card you will need to write additional information about yourself: type of flight, whether you are traveling in Thailand for the first time, whether you are traveling with a group, your planned place of residence, purpose of your visit, your annual income in US dollars.

In departure card you will need to state your surname, name, nationality, gender, departure flight number, passport number and date of birth.

All fields in the card must be completed in Thai or English. If you have difficulties with filling in the card, you can always ask a flight attendant or airport staff for help Be sure nothing will spoil your vacation and you will spend a wonderful time in Pattaya!

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