How to get to Pattaya International Fireworks Festival?


How to get to Pattaya International Fireworks Festival?

There are many reasons to spend your holidays in Pattaya such as a warm climate, exotic tropics, Thai cuisine, shopping and many others. The International Fireworks Festival is one more reason to visit this famous resort. This is a unique opportunity to see that the launch of pyrotechnics can be a real art. In our article we will tell more details about the festival and when it is held.

Performance with music and fireworks!

Teams from different countries (Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, the USA and many others) traditionally participate in the international festival of salutes and show their programs to thousands of spectators. The performance of each team is not just a colorful salute, it is a fantastic show with music and fireworks.

The festival lasts 2 days. On the first day the participants of the festival present their 10-minute programs and on the second day they perform a spectacular firework show which lasts 45 minutes. Visiting the fireworks festival, you can see great properties of modern pyrotechnics.

Where to watch salutes?

The main festival activities take place at Central Pattaya Beach. All salutes are launched from a special barge in the sea. If you want to see the salutes as close as possible, you should take a seat on the beach. Many cafes and restaurants on the coastline will offer you a special menu in honor of the holiday and comfortable places with stunning views of the fireworks. If you want to enjoy the panoramic view of the fireworks, you should go to any view point of the city, which overlooks the sea. Guests of hotels on the coastline (for example, in Hillton Pattaya ) will also be able to watch the salutes at their rooms.

The International Fireworks Festival also includes various entertainment events. The festival organizers block the traffic on Beach Road in the evening, so tents with food, souvenirs and other festive attributes appear on the street. Several concert platforms are constructed in the center of the city, where popular Thai artists perform. After watching the salutes, many people continue celebrating at the Bali Hai Pier.

When is the festival held?

The fireworks festival takes place every year at the end of November in honor of the City Day. Last year was mourning for Thailand because of the demise of King Rama IX and the festival was canceled. For these reasons, the 2018 fireworks festival in Pattaya took place on June 8-9 and was dedicated to the coronation of a new monarch.

Visiting the festival of salutes in Pattaya at least once, you will plunge into the magical atmosphere of the holiday and get unique memories for a hall life.

Noah   (12.04.2020 11:39)
This festival is a unique event of the city, we were, and saw all the beauty found on a yacht, the view of the whole city illuminated by salutes is beautiful.

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