How to prepare for the flight. Carry-on baggage restrictions


How to fly to Thailand?

Going to the airport and going through checking in and passport control is an inseparable part of your journey to Thailand. An airport is a structure with a number of restrictions and rules, To get on a plane successfully you need to follow these rules. Otherwise, you might get into trouble and find yourselves in a difficult situation which can affect your holiday greatly.

The basic rules that every plane passenger must know:

- visa rules and conditions of entry to the country;

- rules of checking in for the flight, carrying hold luggage and hand luggage;

- rules of going through the security control and passport control.

Travelers often have questions about checking in for the flight and luggage transportation.

The rules of luggage transportation may be different depending on the ticket class (promo, economy, business). There is a number of general requirements applicable in airports all over the world and in most air companies. And they also work in Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

Carry-on baggage restrictions

- In your hand luggage (what you carry with you on the plane) you can have liquids packed in 100 ml containers each, the total volume - not more than 1 litre. The same rule is applied for gels and aerosols. So, you’d better plan in advance what you put in your luggage and hand luggage.

- External batteries and power banks with capacity not exceeding 32000 mA. h. can be carried only in hand luggage.

- It is forbidden to bring animals on board the plane. If you are traveling with pets, it is necessary to take care of the documents for their transportation which can take longer than a month.

- If you are carrying any objects which require a special permission for transportation, remember to inform the airport officers and show them the documents.

- Knives, nail clippers, scissors, etc. are recommended to carry in hold luggage as they can be seized from hand luggage.

Advice from experienced travelers

1. Airports usually provide a service of luggage wrapping with polyethylene to protect your belongings from breaking, The average price for this service is $4. You can do the same at home using some cling film. It is important to weigh your luggage before packing. Its weight must not exceed the limited norms. If the weight of the luggage exceeds the limited norms, you will be charged. The admitted weight is determined by the airline.

2. Remember to pack all the necessary documents and the things you might need on the plane or might be damaged in the hold luggage. Weight of tablet computers and laptops is not added up to the total weight of the hand luggage, so it is better to carry them on board.

3. Drinking water is usually provided on a plane but in limited quantity. Liquids are forbidden to bring on board with the exception of those which are bought in Duty free zone. Foods can be carried in hand luggage if they are not liquids or a durian. So you can get drinks in Duty free zone before the flight.

Checking in for the flight

Nowadays in the era of internet technologies, checking in for the flight is simplified as much as possible. Each airline has its own nuances. Checking-in usually begins 24 hours before the flight for local and charter flights and 48 hours - for international flights.

It’s important! We recommend to print and save the boarding pass on your phone. Some companies can charge you 10 euros and more if you don’t provide the boarding pass.

Check the terms of your passport validity and if it has blank pages. Please note that at the moment of entry to Thailand your passport requires at least 6 months of validity. For visiting visa countries there must be at least 3 blank pages in your passport if you plan to obtain the visa on arrival.

Cole   (15.04.2020 15:21)
Usually I take the necessary things on the plane and always my favorite pillow and good mood, the flight goes perfectly.

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