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What should I do if I get sick during my holiday in Pattaya?


What can I do if I get sick during a holiday in Pattaya?

While planning their long-awaited holiday in Thailand, people rarely think about the possibility of getting sudden health problems. The change of climate or using too much air-conditioning can cause a cold or a slight sickness. In our article we will tell you what to do and where to go if you suddenly fall ill during your vacation in Pattaya.

Necessary precautions

When going on vacation it is worth to take some precautions so that to care about your health. First, it is necessary to take some medicines with you, as it is not easy to buy the necessary medicines in local pharmacies.

Secondly, the best way to warn yourself against various problems is to buy insurance. Medical services in Thailand are very expensive, so it will be cheaper to pay for policy than to pay for treatment in the hospital. When choosing a policy, pay attention to the fact that most insurance companies refuse to cover expenses if there is alcohol in your blood. If you are planning an independent travel to Pattaya, you should definitely buy insurance. If you travel with a package tour, then the insurance should be already included in the price. However, you should check the included services and the insurance sum.

Visit to a hospital

So, if you need doctor’s help, first of all you need to call your insurance company and explain your problems. In some time, the operator will call you back and tell the address of the nearest hospital in Pattaya and the time of doctor's appointment.

If you use a taxi to get to the hospital, you can request a voucher to get a refund for your taxi trip, but remember to mention this to your insurance company in advance. In this case, the insurance company will also cover the cost of a taxi for your check.

Doctor will be already waiting for you at the appointed time. A receptionist will ask you to show your policy and to fill in a questionnaire and then you should wait for your turn in the corridor. While waiting, the nurse will weigh you, measure your temperature and blood pressure. So, when you get to the doctor, he will already have all the necessary information about you. The doctor will conduct a survey and examination, prescribe a treatment and ask you to wait in the corridor. Then the nurse will give you all the prescribed medications in a special package indicating the dose. If you have an insurance policy, you will not have to pay anything, all costs will be covered by the insurance company. If you do not have insurance, be ready to pay a fairly large sum for the treatment. The doctor will ask you to visit him again in some time so that to make sure the treatment is effective. The second visit is also paid by the insurance company.

There are several main hospitals in Pattaya: Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, Pattaya Memorial Hospital, Banglamung Hospital, Sawasdi Pong Commercial Clinics and Pattaya International Hospital. The Banglamung Hospital is the cheapest one - in case you do not have insurance. The doctors in Pattaya and all hospital staff speak English. Don’t forget that if you get sick and you have insurance policy you must contact the insurance company first and follow their instructions. The operator will tell you where to get treatment and which doctor to visit in Pattaya. Otherwise, if you visit the hospital by yourself, and then apply to the insurance company, it will be more problematic to obtain refund for treatment costs.

Take care of your health and always monitor its condition. If you take all the necessary precautions in advance, then no problems will spoil your holiday in Pattaya.

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