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Independent travel to Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden - how to visit on your own?

Nong Nooch Garden is one of the most popular places in Pattaya. Many travelers call it a "paradise" because this amazing place successfully combines exotic landscapes and entertainments. In our article we will tell about the main attractions of the park, how to get there and what are the advantages and disadvantages of an independent visit.

The main attractions

A huge garden with an area of more than 240 hectares was created in the 50s of the last century. The land owner Mrs. Nong Nooch, decided to decorate the area with exotic plants to attract visitors. The park is divided into dozens of theme areas, including the French Garden, Orchid Garden, Zoo, a detailed copy of Stonehenge, a garden of pots and cacti and many others. You also have a unique opportunity to visit the huge garage of the director of the park with a gorgeous collection of sports cars (about 40 cars!). It is curious that the happy owner regularly drives each car around the neighborhood. The visitors of the park can see and feed the giant predatory fish arapaima, which is about 2 meters long! It can take the whole day to visit all the interesting places of Nong Nooch.

Four times a day, the park holds colorful historical performances and elephant shows. Talented “artists” ride bicycles, throw darts, play basketball and football. After their performance you can take a memory photo and feed them with bananas.

Entrance fees and schedule

The cost of a ticket to the park depends on the itinerary and additional services. An admission ticket only costs 450 THB for an adult and 350 THB for a child over 2 years old. If you want to visit the show, the ticket will cost 500 THB and 450 THB, in addition you can pay for lunch or dinner. Tickets can be purchased in advance at our website or in the garden. The tropical park is located in the province of Chonburi, works every day from 8:00 am till to 6:00 pm.

How to get to the garden?

Anyone can get to Nong Nooch in three ways: by taxi, public transport or rental car. A taxi from Pattaya will cost about 300 THB, but do not forget that you can always bargain. A tuk-tuk ride costs only 20 THB, but the bus can only take you to the turning to Nong Nooch on Sukhumvit Road. Then you have to walk about 30 minutes. If you arrive in your own car, you can leave it at a free parking lot near the park.

Advantages and disadvantages of an independent trip

The main advantage of independent walk through Nong Nooch is that you are not limited in time. You can move along any route and stop by the greenhouses you liked. But because of the huge area and a large number of plants, you can waste your time and not see the most interesting exhibits.

If this is your first trip to Pattaya, you are afraid to get lost and want to see as much as possible in a limited period of time, it is better to book a tour with a comfortable transfer. You will have an exciting trip with a lot of new and interesting information from an experienced guide, vivid photos and unforgettable impressions!

Location of Nong Nooch Tropical Garden on the map

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