Islands near Pattaya - Koh Larn


Pattaya is situated in the Gulf of Siam coast line where there are a lot of beautiful islands. Their wonderful nature, clean beaches and magnificent sea attract not only Pattaya tourists, but also local Bangkok citizens.

Koh Larn, which is also called Coral island, is one of the nearest to Pattaya (9 km from the mainland).

Travelling time to the island depends on the type of water transport - the trip can take from 15 minutes to 1 hour.

How to get to Koh Larn:

  • by speed boat. Travelling time - 15-20 minutes. Price per a boat - 2000-2500 THB. You will be taken to any beach in Koh Larn. You can also travel by speed boat in a group, but you will have to wait untill the group is gathered (up to 15 people). A group one-way transfer by speed boat will cost 200-250 THB.
  • by big cruise boat. Travelling time - 35 minutes. Price for a two-way trip - 150 THB. You will be delivered to Samae Beach which is in the south-west of the island.

  • Ferry to Koh Larn

  • by a ferry. Travelling time - 60 minutes. Price for a one-way trip - 30 THB. By ferry you can get to either Ta Waen Pier or Na Ban Pier.

  • All water transport leaves from Bali Hai Pier which is situated in the centre of Pattaya, at the beginning of Walking Street. You can get there by taxi, tuk tuk, motorbike or on foot.

    It is also possible to book a sea tour to Koh Larn. You will be picked up from your hotel and taken back. You will be accompanied by an English-speaking guide. In addition to the boat trip and lunch the price of the tour can also include different water entertainments - scooters, kayaking, paragliding, water tubing, banana riding, etc.

    Despite its small size (4 km in length), Koh Larn is an island with well-developed infrastructure. There are cafes, restaurants, a 7/11 shop, Kasikorn bank ATM and more than 10 hotels. It is comfortable to stay at the island for several days.

    Beaches of Koh Larn

    There are 5 official beaches on the island. The price for a sun chair is about 100 THB per a day. The beaches have toilets and showers and tourists can use them for an extra fee.

    Besides official beaches in Koh Larn there are many wild nooks. To some of them it is only possible to get to from the water as their coast line is surrounded with jungles and rocks.

    Because of narrow paths, serpentine and steep roads and hilly relief, it is difficult to walk in every part of the island, even though it is not big in size.

    The most convenient transport to use in Koh Larn is a motorbike. You can get one at the price of 200 THB at Na Ban Pier. This way you will have an opportunity to visit all the beaches in one day and choose one to your liking.

    Main beaches of Koh Larn

    Ta Waen is the most crowded beach, probably because ferries from Pattaya arrive right there.

    Samae Beach is situated in the western part of the island. It is also quite crowded. A cruise boat lands at this beach.

    Tien Beach is 500 m long, situated in the north-east of the island. It is a quiter place in comparison to other beaches. This beach is suitable for snorkeling because there are beautiful rocks, stones, coral reefs and sea flora and fauna which inhabits them.

    Nual Beach is situated in the south of the island. There are fewer people, but it is not quite comfortable to walk into the water because of the rocks and corals on the sea bottom. Here monkeys live, so this beach is sometimes called “Monkey Beach”. You can meet wild monkeys on the beach and feed them. However, we recommend to be very careful with these animals - they can bite you or steel your belongings.

    Ta Yai Beach is a calm and peaceful beach with emerald water and white sand surrounded with green bushes. Here there are many sea-urchins, so you also need to be very careful when walking into the water. Remember that sea-urchins’ needles can be dangerous and it is difficult to pull a needle out of the foot.

    Anyway, we absolutely recommend to visit Koh Larn. You will love the clean sea and white soft sand. Here on the island you can take beautiful photos which will look like touristic advertisments of Thailand trips. Koh Larn is a favourite place of professional photographers. Wonderful landscapes and sea views are a perfect background for any kind of photo session - let it be individual, family or wedding photo shooting.

    Nathan   (21.04.2020 12:48)
    I was in Pattaya for the first time, this is a very easy and bright trip. All programs are planned as convenient as possible for people.

    Crystal   (24.01.2018 12:41)
    I need seatour to samae beach koh larn from pattaya. We are two person .we need tour which pick up from hotel to samae beach and pick up from samae beach to pattaya .we will send 3day 2night at there. We want beach front room and price will be around 2000bath .it is oki for us. Do you help .our date is from 11feb2018 to 13feb 2018

    Anastasiya_Online-Pattaya   (24.01.2018 13:53)
    Dear Crystal, unfortunately, we don't provide a transfer to Koh Larn now, also as hotel accomodation.

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