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Medical insurance in Thailand: is it worth buying?


Medical insurance in Thailand: is it worth buying?

The long-awaited vacation in the Kingdom of Thailand is a great way to relax and have a good time in a beautiful place. Unlike European countries from the Schengen zone, insurance in Thailand is not compulsory for entry into the country. It is up to you to decide if you need a medical insurance in Thailand or not. But when making a decision we advise you to rely on the experience of other travelers.

Opinion of experienced travelers

Most tourists advise to buy insurance before going to Thailand. Medical services in the Kingdom are quite expensive, so it will be much cheaper to pay for the insurance monthly. Insurance will be useful in any situation, whether it's food poisoning, loss of documents or any other problems.

What should you pay attention to while getting an insurance?

An important point in any policy is the list of services and the insurance price. The cost of the policy depends directly on this two factors. When choosing what kind of insurance to choose for traveling to Thailand, it is necessary to think about the health problems you have or might have (allergy or chronic diseases), the possibility of renting a car or a motorbike and other activities that you plan on your vacation.

You should pay attention to the presence of insurance franchise. Insurance franchise is a certain sum of money you will have to pay to activate your medical insurance, and the remaining sum from the total cost will be paid by the insurance company.

While choosing an insurance company, you should study carefully its terms and conditions and read reviews of other tourists. It is better to choose companies that have contracts with Thai medical institutions as well as have their representatives in the country. Most insurance companies provide an opportunity to buy insurance online without leaving home. There are also special websites that compare offers of different insurance companies according to certain parameters, so that you can choose the most profitable policy for you.

Getting an insurance can help you in various difficult situations, including unexpected diseases and health problems, car or motorbike accidents and other accidents that might happen during your trip to Thailand. Enjoy your safe holiday!

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