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Mobile operators in Pattaya


Mobile operators in Pattaya

Despite the fact that many travelers go to Thailand in search of exotic and wild nature, the benefits of civilization are also very important for a comfortable holiday. One of the main criteria for choosing a country for vacation is the availability of the Internet and mobile communications. Mobile communication in Pattaya has high quality and affordable prices, so you will not have problems with communication with your family and friends.

Local mobile operators

Anyone can buy a SIM card from any of the local mobile operators in Pattaya: One-2Call (Ais), Happy Sim Card (Dtac) or TRUE Move. All operators provide high-quality communications and coverage throughout the resort.

You can buy a SIM card in every shopping center, in bank branches or in TUK COM electronics shops. When buying a SIM card, you need to provide a passport so that the manager could register your mobile number in your name. The average price for a SIM card is 49 baht.

Mobile tariffs

After buying a SIM card you need to refill your account with at least 50 baht. You can do that in the same place where SIM cards are sold. In many salons you can just tell your phone number and the sum, the manager will transfer money to your account. The cost of 1 minute of conversation within Thailand will cost about 1-1.5 baht.

Phone numbers in the Kingdom start with “0”, the country code for international calls is “+66”. There are two ways to call other countries: using roaming or IP telephony. In roaming, you just dial the country code and the phone number. One minute of conversation will cost about 1 dollar.

Calls on IP-telephony are much cheaper (about 4 baht per minute). The cost is the same for mobile and home numbers. In order to call by IP-telephony, you need to enter a special code (which you should check with your operator), then a country code (+ a city code,) and a phone number. One SMS message to a foreign number will cost about 10 baht.

Internet in Pattaya

Of course the most popular method of communication nowadays is the Internet and messengers, which allow you to save money and do not limit the communication time. It is not difficult to find internet in Thailand: most hotels, restaurants and cafes have free Wi-Fi.

There is also a mobile Internet with 3G and 4G coverage in Pattaya. 1 MB of mobile Internet costs about 2 baht. It is quite profitable to use tariff packages with the Internet, which are offered by mobile operators (for example, 200 MB of 3G Internet for 59 baht for 7 days). You can use tariff package with the Internet, by entering a special code and refilling the account with the required sum.

As you can see, you will not have problems with communication in Pattaya. Even if you do not want to buy a Thai phone number, you can call from your SIM card in roaming mode. You can check with your mobile operator the best tariffs for other countries before the trip.

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