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Night life of Pattaya


Pattaya comes to life in the evening, the city is filled with colorful lights and lovely music. The very heart of Pattaya nightlife is definitely Walking Street. Here is the largest concentration of nightclubs, bars, cafes and restaurants which serve cuisines from different countries.

Walking street

The night life here begins after 22:00 and the action takes place until 05:00 in the morning every day, 7 days a week. Even if you are not a nightlife clubber, it is still worth visiting this street. Here you will meet many extraordinary people, for example, ladyboys who offer their love to farangs for comparatively cheap prices. Sometimes it is not easy to distinguish between ladyboys and Thai girls.

Walking Street is a hot spot for promoters and advertisers who invite guests to clubs and shows for adults. They get a percentage from the sum of money their guests leave in the club. They often attract tourists with different promotions - for example, buy 1 cocktail - get the second free.

In clubs you can often hear Thai and foreign music playing. Near Bali Hai Pier there is a night club Russo Turisto which is popular among Russian people.

You can get to Walking Street from any point in Pattaya by taxi, motorbike taxi or tuk-tuk. As Walking Street is open at night, tuk-tuk will charge you as a taxi at this time - 200-300 THB per 1 person instead of 10 THB. You can save 50-100 THB if you ask the driver to take you to Bali Hai Pier which is situated 10-minute’s walk away from Walking Street.

Night shows are available in Pattaya after 17:00 - 18+ shows - Big Eye and X-show 69.

These shows are especially popular among the Chinese. Other nationalities are not so easily surprised by the explicit scenes. Children are not admitted to these shows.

Night show

Transvestite shows - Tiffany, Coliseum and Alkazar. Ladyboys sing and dance in colorful costumes. After the show you can take photos with them for some extra money.

In 2017 a fundamentally new show was opened in Pattaya - Kaan Show. Here the cinema world with modern special effects is mixed with the world of live actors.

If you love exciting events, go to Max Stadium where Muay Thai real fights take place. The Thai men are famous for their strength and skill in Thai boxing. However, not only Thai men participate in the fights - foreign sportsmen can also often be seen at the ring. Here you can get a full boxing clothing for practising Thai boxing.

Muay Thai

If you are travelling with kids, we recommend you to go to the illusionist show - Tuxedo. Both adults and children will be impressed by the tricks performed by the local illusionists.

If the sea attracts you even at the night time, you can take a walk along the Beach Road or go on a night fishing tour. Night squid fishing can be an unusual and exciting experience for you. You will have the catch for dinner.

Pattaya has a well-developed infrastructure, so everyone can find activities to their liking at any time of the day and night.

Nightlife of Pattaya attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year.

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