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Parasailing in Pattaya


Parasailing in Pattaya is what everyone needs to try!

Maybe everyone would like to feel like a bird and fly above the ground for a few minutes. Fortunately, modern people has plenty of opportunities to get off the ground: parachutes, airplanes, paragliders and many others. The most attractive and affordable way is parasailing over the water surface. This entertainment is very popular in seaside resorts, as it is one of the safest types of flight. So parasailing in Pattaya is also quite developed. in our article we will tell you about how parasailing in Pattaya differs from other resorts and where you can go parasailing.

Features of parasailing in Pattaya

Parasailing is often compared with parachuting as these entertainments have a lot of common things. A parachute is also used in parasailing but it differs with its shape. While parasailing person also flies in the air and practically nothing binds him during the flight. But the main difference is that parasailing is a parachute flight after a water boat over the sea surface. So parasailing is much safer than a parachute jump and the flight height does not exceed 100 meters. Nevertheless, you get the same strong adrenaline rush and a lot of emotions. The main prerequisite for parasailing is a good sunny weather without a strong wind and the calm sea. Fortunately, the tropical climate provides ideal conditions for parasailing in Pattaya during the dry season.

The main difference between parasailing in Pattaya from flights in other resorts is the usage of special pontoons. Pontoons are not very large platforms on the water, which are located a few hundred meters from the coastline and serve as a springboard for sending and landing with a parachute. Starting and landing on pontoons is much more comfortable than landing on the beach. That is why while parasailing in Pattaya you do not need a pilot assistant which helps to land on the beach and you can fly in the air independently.

Where to go parasailing in Pattaya?

To go parasailing in Pattaya, it is enough to come to the city beach and you will see several bright parachutes flying above the sea. You will also be offered parasailing at the Bali Hai Pier with various flight prices. Basically, the cost varies from 600-1000 baht depending on the duration of the flight and additional services, such as photo or video. Parasailing is also included in the “3 Miracle Islands” tour, during which you can visit three beautiful islands, ride a yacht and banana, even go fishing.

There are practically no age or weight restrictions in parasailing. The necessary equipment will be selected for everyone except pregnant women, people with health problems and small children.

Before the flight, you will get a life jacket and detailed instructions how to behave during the flight, how to land and how to react in different situations. Remember that during the flight you can get wet, so you do not need to take valuable things with you. You can leave them to employees on the platform who will save them for an additional fee. If you are afraid to dive into the water, you can go on a paragliding flight to admire Pattaya from a bird's eye view.

In any case, paragliding or parasailing is the kind of entertainment that everyone should try at least once in their life. In addition to different tours, this is a great way to experience new emotions and make your holiday more interesting. Have a good flight!

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