Beaches of Pattaya


Sky-blue crystal water, clean beaches, white sand - this is what all tourists expect to see when they choose Thailand as their holiday destination.

When going on sea tours to the islands, you will surely enjoy marvelous landscapes, crystal clear sea with transparent water. However, you will hardly find all this in Pattaya.

Beaches of Pattaya

Despite the fact that Pattaya is a very popular sea resort, its coastline is quite dirty and the water at the seashore is rather troubled and turbid, especially you can notise that at the Pattaya Central Beach. And this is not surprising: here is Bali Hai Pier where constantly ferries and speed boats arrive and sail off, wastes of the busy city center are poured out into the water, the seashore is always overcrowded with numerous tourists - all of which makes the beach not suitable for swimming and resting. However, the infrastructure at the Central Beach is well-developed: there are a many cafes and a lot of water and sport entertainments are available.

Beaches in the south and north of Pattaya are more suitable for swimming and sunbathing. The beaches are looked after and improved by the nearby hotels and there are not many people from the “outside”. We can recommend good beaches in the north - near the Wongamat, Aisawan and LongBeach hotels, and in the south - near the Pinnacle, Ambassador, Botany and Ravindra Beach Resort hotels. They are not very crowded - usually there are mostly tourists who stay at those hotels. The beaches are cleaned by the hotels’ personnel.

In Prathumnak district there is Dong Tan Beach which consists of several parts different with their public and number of people. The northern part of Dong Tang Beach is called “Gay Beach”, because foreign tourists of non-traditional sexual orientation like spending time there.

The central part of Dong Tan Beach is situated near the Pattaya Park hotel. The place is suitable for families with children and for tourists who prefer active holidays. There are good conditions for them: flat shore, Pattaya Park’s water slides, water scooters, speed boats and banana rides.

Cosy Beach situated at the foot of Prathumnak Hill, in the southern part of Dong Tan Beach attracts special attention. This is a very quiet and peaceful place not crowded with tourists. Perhaps, this is because in order to get there from the Cosy Beach Hotel you need to go down dozens of steps which lead to the beach and to go back you need to climb up the stairs. A lot of work for your legs, but those efforts are totaly worth it, because you will see a picturesque view of Koh Larn opening from Cosy Beach. It is very quiet here, the air is clean as the road is situated far from the beach. However, the water is not so clear, it is quite troubled and turbid.

Anyway, tourists that have chosen Pattaya for their holiday, still have an opportunity to swim in the clean sea and sunbathe lying on the white soft sand.

Sai Keow

There is a tendency in Pattaya - the further from the city center the beach is, the cleaner it is. Another attractive beach, Ban Amphur Beach, is situated 13 km away to the south of Pattaya center. The beach is also quiet. Only on Saturday and Sunday it may be crowded as Thai people come here to spend their weekend. There is a beautiful palm alley stretching along the seashore. This is an absolutely amazing view, especially at sunset!

20 km away from Pattaya lies Sai Kaew Beach, also known as Military Beach, Sai Kew and Blue Lagoon. The name “Blue Lagoon” speaks for itself, doesn’t it? It is situated in the territory of the military base. This place is visited not only by tourists - local people also like spending time here. Even the Royal Family sometimes chooses this place for relaxing rest. Sai Kaew Beach is the only beach in Pattaya where a fee for the entrance is charged. The admission ticket costs 100 THB, but it is worth it. The beach is open from 09:00 till 17:00. But, please, note that the working hours may be changed because of the arrival of the Royal family who also adore this place.

40 km to the south of Pattaya, in Sattahip, stretches one more nice beach which we recommend to visit - Nang Ram Beach, or Dancing girl beach. Here you will see a magnificent combination of crystal clear water and the coastline with unusual trees which cast a cool shade where you can hide from the heat on a sunny day. The water is so clean and transparent that it seems you could drink it if it were not salty. Flat shore makes it comfortable to walk into the water - first 20 meters the sea is only knee-deep. This is very convenient for parents with children. Kids will love swimming, diving and having fun in the shallow water. At this beach as well as at Sai Kaew you can rent a kayak for 100-200 THB, try snorkeling and have lunch or dinner in a cafe nearby.

We recommend you to visit the best beaches of Pattaya. You can travel by bike or tuk tuk or you can use our taxi service. It is also possible to book tours to Sai Kaew Military Beach and Sattahip. A group transfer and admission tickets will be included in the price of the tours.

Steven   (19.04.2020 13:06)
We rested in January, of course, we did not sit in the room, so I visited the nearest islands, very beautifully, I can imagine what untouched nature on such distant islands.

Rachelle   (16.04.2019 12:13)
Can you pick up from Suvarnabhumi Airport and drop off at U Pattaya in Sattahip, Chonburi? If yes, how much?

Matthew_Online-Pattaya   (17.04.2019 04:40)
Hello Rachelle. Yes, we can provide a taxi, but price depends on the type of the car. Please, contact us by any option by the link below for further details:

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