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Pattaya from November to February: the weather and entertainments


Pattaya from November to February:

the weather and entertainments

Pattaya is the city in the South-East of Thailand. In a short time a small village became one of the most popular resorts. About 100 thousand of Thais live in Pattaya and a big number of tourists come here every year.

There is a tropical climate with rainy and drought seasons on the island. The rainy season comes in September and October.

The weather

Pattaya in November

In November the rainy season ends and the sun starts shining brightly. There are about 10 -12 rainy days a month. The average temperature during the day is about + 29-30° C, the temperature of the sea water is + 25° C.

As the weather becomes better, the tourist season begins. But the streets of Pattaya are not very crowded yet and prices are not too high. In November tourists can participate in such festivals as Loy Krathong, The Fireworks festival and Miss International Queen contest.

Loy Krathong is also called “The Holiday of Floating Boats". On this holiday the Thais thank the goddess of water for her gifts. People gather near the lakes or rivers and launch their beautiful boats with candles. The "Kratongs" are made of banana leaves, flowers and fruits.

Fireworks festival is also a spectacular event. Pyrotechnics come to Thailand from different countries and demonstrate their skills. The show of fireworks lasts for an hour.

Miss International Queen contest is held by the popular cabaret “Tiffany “. This beauty contest among the transvestites is broadcasted on national television. The event is very bright and exciting, it attracts a lot of visitors.

Pattaya in December

In December the clouds leave the sky and the sun shines brightly . The average  temperature during the day is + 30° C in the shade and +21° C at night. There are 3-4 rainy days a month. The water temperature is +25° C. Tourist’s activity and prices start growing. Exotic fruits become ripe.

In December the Thais celebrate the King's birthday and the Father's day, Constitution day and New Year.

The King's birthday and the Father's day are celebrated on the 5th of December. On this day the Thais decorate the city buildings with illuminations, and organize festivals. The Thai people love and respect the Royal family.

The Constitution day is celebrated on the 10th of December. This day is considered an official holiday. However, no important celebrations take place.

The Thais also celebrate the traditional New Year on the 31st of December. In honor of the holiday different shows, celebrations and fireworks are held. On this day the whole family gathers at the new year's table, exchanges gifts, and goes to the temple on the next day. Except the traditional New Year the Thais also celebrate the Chinese and the Thai’s New Year (Songkran). By the way, according to the Buddhist calendar it is now the year 2560 in Thailand.

Pattaya in January

In January Thailand attracts the largest number of tourists who want to sunbathe and spend an amazing vacation at the seaside. The weather becomes hotter and drier, the temperature in Pattaya is +32° C during the daytime, and +21° C at night. The temperature of the seawater is + 26° C.

As the number of tourists grow, the prices for tours and accomodation increase greatly. However at the beginning of the month total sales start  in all shops of the city – discounts up to 70%. If you are staying in Thailand at this time, you should visit Central Festival Pattaya and Pattaya Floating Market.

Central Festival Pattaya is a huge 7-stage shopping and entertainment center. The first 5 floors are dotted with shops of different brands (world and local) . On the other floors you will find such entertainments as bowling, bars, restaurants and cinemas.

Pattaya Floating Market is situated in the South-East of Pattaya. More than 100 shops are located at this exotic place. You can buy any products here: fruits, souvenirs, wooden things and Thai herbs. In addition to shopping you can enjoy national dances and Tai Bo.

January begins with the celebration of the traditional New Year. The Thais decorate the palm trees with toys, organize festivals and entertainments for tourists. The National Children's Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of the month. The Thais love their children very much and celebrate this holiday with  carnival processions and fireworks. “The Races on the beds “ are held at the end of January. This tradition has appeared recently. The event is very entertaining and amusing, so it quickly gained its popularity.

Pattaya in February

In February the weather becomes hotter. The average temperature during the day is + 33-34° C in the shade and +25-27° C at night. The water temperature is +27° C. The sun is very strong in February, you should use the sunscreen. If you want to enjoy the sandy beaches and clear sea water, you can go to the islands nearest to Pattaya.

As well as in January the influx of tourists in the city is quite large and the prices are high. Therefore, it is better to book a tour to Pattaya in advance. You can be sure that the bad weather won't spoil your holiday in February.

Moreover, the Chinese New year is celebrated in Thailand in February. This  interesting and funny holiday  lasts  15 days. Festive processions, fairs and carnivals are held. The holiday ends with The Festival of Lanterns. On this day thousands of Chinese lanterns are launched into the sky creating a romantic mood.

Also an annual tennis tournament among women is held in Pattaya. The event takes place in the five-star hotel.

High season in Pattaya

From November to February warm and dry climate in Pattaya gives an ideal weather conditions for travelers. Except vacation on the white beaches you can visit the sights of Pattaya, which will be interesting even to a child.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is the most beautiful Park in the world, which owns a collection of interesting exotic plants from different countries.

In Khao Kheo Open Zoo you can pet and feed many animals which freely walk around the territory, except predators, of course. Tourists can drive electric cars around the huge Park.

For those who like water slides there are Ramayana water Park and Cartoon Network Amazonea water Park in Pattaya. In the Underwater World you can see sea inhabitants from almost all parts of the world!

For those, who want to take sunbathe on a white beach with clear water far away from the crowds, the ideal choice will be an excursion to the islands. For example, Koh Samethas a very developed beach infrastructure with plenty of cafes and different entertainments. On the island of Koh Lanyou can enjoy discos, boat trips, banana rides and delicious Thai cuisine.

The fans of fishing can go on sea or lake fishing tour in Pattaya. If you want to explore other cities, you can book a tour to Bangkok or even Cambodia. In the Kingdom of Cambodia you can try local exotic cuisine, admire the temples and palaces. In Bangkok you will find a unique combination of historical sights and modern entertainments. Buddhist temples, flower market, shopping centers will give you unforgettable moments.

To read more about the tours and download the price list  click here.

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