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Pattaya Dolphin World

Pattaya, Thailand
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Pattaya Dolphin World



Pattaya Dolphin World

Pattaya Dolphin World’s rules

1. Only swimming wear no metal components or materials that are harmful to dolphins allowed.

2. Prohibited for all kinds of jewelry such as rings, watches, earrings ,necklaces, beads, fake eyelashes, ceremonial thread etc.

3. Prohibited for shower cap, swimming cap, swimming goggles, eye glasses, and sunglasses.

4. Do not bringvaluables into the pool.

5. Fingernails and toenails must be cut short. No acrylic nails or any decorative object on the nail allowed. Otherwise be cut to a shorter nail and nail file to remove sharp.

6. Take a shower and wearing life jacket before get in to water.

7. Do not apply sunscreenor any body lotionbefore get into water.

8. Prohibited person who is contagious, and diseases such as asthma, tuberculosis, leprosy, conjunctivitis, colds, epilepsy, heart disease, epilepsy, AIDS and other communicable disease.

9. Prohibited those who is physically weak or incomplete, who is pregnant, who had a wound, woman who is on her period, the disabled, and the mentally disabled. Including those that are nervous slow.

10. Alcohol, drug and smoking prohibited.

11. Do not clutter and do not harm dolphins.

12. Do not jump into water. Do not diving.

13. Do not touch the head dolphins from the mouth to the throat and the blow-hole of dolphins.

14. Strictly follow the instructions of his mentor.

15. Weight is not over 90 Kg.

16. Child is 5 year old and height 110 Cm. up or Appropriate officials examined.

17. Case is Child under 5 year old or height is not reached 110 Cm. if parent or customers Confirming for Swim with dolphin have signed a letter of acknowledgment in case have accidents swim with dolphin. Pattaya dolphin world is not responsible any case.

18. Follower can take a photo but can’t record VDO and must be in a designated area.

19. Please reserve 3 day.

20. Pattaya dolphin world have locker service for customer swim with dolphin.

* In case of not abiding with the rules, the administration may not admit you to the swimming session. Dear guests, please read the rules carefully - the money is not refunded.

Individual transfer to Pattaya Dolphin World. Min booking is for 2 people

The price includes admission fee and transfer.

When booking individual transfer, you can choose the time of the trip which is suitable for you.

Price for 1 person if the group consists of 2 people: 850 THB.

Price for 1 person if the group consists of 3-4 people: 800 THB.

Price for 1 person if the group consists of 6-11 people: 700 THB.

Price for 1 person if the group consists of 12 people: 650 THB.

One price for adult and child tickets.

Taxi trip to Pattaya Dolphin World

You can see the price list and book a taxi trip to Pattaya Dolphin World here.

Pattaya Dolphin World

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I pay for tours in US dollars?

You can pay in US dollar or Euro online by credit/debit card. If you prefer to pay by cash you have to pay in Thai Baht only.

2. How long does it take to get to Pattaya Dolphin World?

About 1 hour.

3. My child is 4 years old. Can he swim with dolphins?

Children aged 5 and over 5 years are admitted to the swimming sessions.

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How much is the dolphins show for two persons including two way car transportation from hotels at central Pattaya. TQ.
Jeffrey Ong

Dear Jeffrey, you can see price for all kind of programes in Pattaya Dolphin world at this page. The two-way transfer is included.

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